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Top 5 Causes of Engine Hesitation

August 8, 2017 Mark Gittelman 0

We decided to review the top five causes of engine hesitation, because it’s a far-reaching problem. It also lands high on the list of the most annoying automotive problems. Drivers push on the gas pedal and expect the engine to respond the way it did when they first got the […]

Automotive Fuel Injector

Car Maintenance You Don’t Need

June 17, 2017 Mark Gittelman 0

Before we open the can of worms about car maintenance you don’t need let me go on the record about automotive maintenance. For the most part, you should follow the factory recommendations and owner’s manual religiously. The engineers designed the maintenance plan to protect the automobile. These factory employees didn’t […]

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5 Tools to Use on Hard to Loosen Bolts

March 31, 2017 Mark Gittelman 0

We’ve all walked up to a bolt with a standard length open-end box wrench thinking that this tool selection would get the job done. Then we pull on this wrench with everything we have and the bolt doesn’t budge. Now it’s time to grab another tool to use on this […]