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A Best Buy in this Market

Why do I think this super cars price tag is a bargain? For one thing the price tag is about half of what the Bugatti Veyron costs. Here are two more good reasons. The flat out top speed of a reported 240 miles per hour and 0-60 time of under 3 seconds.

With the neck breaking performance and cat like handling this car offers there are few if any performance cars in the price range of $585,000 that can match it. The Saleen S7 is designed to compete with the world’s fastest and most luxurious grand touring performance cars.

I will list some of the creature comforts that come standard with the S7. This car comes loaded with a rear view video camera and an interior LCD display so you can see all the cars you just passed, or your kids bike when your backing out of the driveway.

Of course, the air conditioning is standard with an automatic cut out switch for more power under wide-open throttle conditions. The saleen’s gauges include a 240 MPH speedometer and a centrally mounted tachometer including a fully adjustable tilt and telescoping steering column.

Power accessories include power windows, power door locks with a central locking system, key less remote for doors and front and rear trunks, variable intermittent rain sensing windshield wipers, electric heated front windshield glass and a stereo with cd, dvd and t.v. Sorry the navigation system is available but costs extra.

Here is my Girlfriends favorite standard option on this super cars long list of goodies. The saleen comes with a designer set of luggage that is custom made to fit in the vehicles front and rear storage compartments.

This super cars engine is just as impressive as its list of standard options. The 7.0 liter aluminum block twin turbo 16 valve monster produces 750 horse power at 6300 RPM’s and builds 700 lb feet of torque at 4800 rpm that will actually melt the standard 275/35zr-19 Michelin tires.

The engine also turns out to be exactly 427 cubic inches. This will make V8 car buffs happy due to the almost famous respect that comes with the 427 badge. The air intake, which I have included, a picture of looks like a carbon fiber octopus laying on top of the engine.

Despite this engines steel sleeved aluminum block the engine has been built to take a beating. The inside of this engine reads like a drag racers wish list. Including a forged crankshaft, forged connecting rods, computer machined ported and polished cylinder heads with Beryllium valve seats. The S7 twin turbo’s have been tuned to a maximum boost of only 5 psi, which I will explain.

Drive the Saleen S7 Super Car

I have never driven this vehicle so I can only tell you what I read from the lucky ones that have. The car is stated as being dangerously fast. As when you smash the pedal the car can be unpredictable.

The six speed manual transmission has also been called by professional drivers as a little stiff and notchy. They also stated that using the transmission effectively in race mode will take some time and effort from the driver. The saleen S7 is said to burn the tires when the turbo’s kick in.

This means being ready for it and aware because feathering the throttle is necessary to maintain a straight line. This appears to be why the turbo boost was backed down to the low 5psi range.

It would seem an all wheel drive version of this car would better handle the cars power to weight ratio and over abundant power on demand situation. The vehicle weighs in at well under 3,000 pounds and carries 19 gallons of fuel. Again you can get your hands on this saleen super car for just $585,000.

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Silver S7 Saleen

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