Red Dodge Ram

by jon (macomb,michigan)

Red Dodge Ram

Red Dodge Ram

Ill try and tell this as best as I can. I have been aware of this for the last 30 yrs. When I try and tell people about this they look at me in a laughing way , because their is really no way to prove it. I had to leave my Red Dodge Ram at my regular auto repair shop for a leaking gas line. When I picked it up and started to drive it, that’s when I noticed it wasn’t the same. The tires road hard with a hum, the truck bounced hard over bumps. The red Dodge ram just did not drive the same. I went home and looked it over and under.The front end parts were rusted as they had been changed. The tires were the same brand but different, they were more worn. It happened again. Dealerships, auto repair shops take parts and replace older worn parts back on your vehicle and think you will not notice it. This kind of thing has been going on for a long time. When you try to confront it they tell you we don’t do things like that and brush you off. But you know, because you know your car.Fortunately I have ran into other people with horror stories like this, so it reassured me I wasn’t the only one this was happening to. I wish some how the State can audit repair shops with hints to this. So I guess, beware when you leave your car over night.

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Jan 09, 2011Rating

BS by: Jay Daniels This author is paranoid. Nothing like would happen because removing all those parts and replacing them with worn out ones would take a lot of time with no pay. No shop would do this sort of thing.

Jun 05, 2010Ratingstarstarstarstar

Taking parts off customer cars by: Anonymous As a mechanic that worked at many dealers I can’t say I witnessed this practice of switching out parts from customers vehicles left over night for service.But my Father read the story about your red dodge ram and says the same thing happened to him when he dropped off a Ford pick up truck for warranty service. He claims they switched out his tires with very worn ones.As a dealer mechanic I can say I have seen many bad things happen at the dealership in all departments. Although I can’t verify my fathers story or the one about the red dodge ram I would not discount them either!