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03 Subaru Legacy

03 Subaru Legacy

My fiance replaced head gaskets on my 03 Subaru Legacy. He said the head wasn’t warped so that didn’t need to be shaved down. He put it back together and driving it home it has no brakes, even though he just replaced my front brakes 2 weeks ago. Also the heat will not come on. He didn’t replace the water pump because he thought it looked OK and had been replaced sometime in the car’s life. Any ideas?

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Headgasket on 03 legacy by: Subaru Fan The two most common problems when it comes to no heat after an engine repair would be low coolant or air trapped in the cooling system. An air bound system can stop the coolant from flowing. Some engines have a bleed fitting to let out any trapped air.Also note that sometimes the coolant level will settle after a big repair like a headgasket. If the coolant has settled and is now low there may not be enough to circulate to the heater core. As far as the brakes go, the only thought that comes to mind is the vacuum line that goes to the power brake booster. Maybe kinked or pinched on reassembly. Good luck!