Chevrolet Police Interceptor SUV Reviewed

The Chevrolet police interceptor Tahoe is in full scale production and on the market at fleet pricing for 2016-2017. The more units GM can move the better the price point.

This is good news for tax payers and municipalities with shrinking budgets in need of new vehicles. The old saying goes what’s good for Chevy is good for America. Now that we all hold stock in the company it’s hard to argue with that statement.

General Motors introduced this redesigned PPV Chevrolet Tahoe a few years ago with mixed reviews. The company said it’s the first sport utility vehicle designed with the latest automotive technology from its inception as a law enforcement vehicle.

The Tahoe PPV SUV offers a more versatile platform for local law enforcement agencies. The larger vehicle and interior compartment allows police officers to carry equipment and transport people more efficiently.

Chevrolet Tahoe Police PPV Fleet Unit

Now that it has been determined that the SUV is the way to go, manufacturers have come on board to create a better handling and more powerful patrol SUV for local law enforcement. New automotive technology has made it possible to provide a large and powerful, yet fuel-efficient vehicle that meets the needs of today’s local law enforcement.

Chevrolet has realized the value in supplying government agencies with the vehicles that they require.

This long-time manufacturer of police interceptor cars has taken the lead in providing the new line of police interceptor SUVs. A more powerful and fuel efficient 5.3 L V-8 engine that is E-85 capable powers the Chevrolet Tahoe.

The Police Interceptor Version of the Tahoe is much lower to the ground than previous body styles. Doing so, improves handling by lowering the center of gravity.

This is huge during high speed maneuvers like yanking the steering wheel to change lanes at 100mph. The front and rear suspension feature stiffer springs and shocks, and they will also install a larger front and rear anti sway bar with heavy-duty links.

Changes to the Police Tahoe

The SUV will feature the latest automotive technology with a fully integrated electrical system making it easier for after market up-fitters to install light bars and police radios.

The GM vortec 5.3 L V-8 engine is standard. This engine delivers around 335 HP and 350 foot pounds of torque, 10 more horsepower and 10 more foot-pounds of torque than the 2015 model.

The SUV also comes with active fuel management that deactivates four of the eight cylinders when cruising. If you are familiar with GM products you know this system was tried several times.

The Cadillac of the early eighties had the 4-6-8 systems that failed miserably. The advancement of technology has allowed them another try at this fuel saving system.

Standard Safety Features on Patrol Units

New safety features include a standard dual stage driver and front passenger front mounted airbags with optional roof mounted head curtain side airbags that provide stout rollover protection.

The same is available for all seating rows and front seat safety belt pretension that are linked to the vehicles discriminating sensing system to provide deployment in rear end crashes.

Wider front and rear axles as well as new coil over shock style front suspension design compliment the new rack and pinion steering to provide better driver control and stability at higher speeds. This addresses the long-term problem of using a truck in high-speed pursuit situations.

There is no question that General Motors will take the best features from the new Pursuit Trucks and integrate them into their vehicles that are offered to the general public in the years to come. We can thank our local law enforcement agencies for torture testing and shaking out the bugs of the new Chevrolet automotive technology.

Cops Classic Police Chases

In the past few years police car chases have become a staple of local television news, and a voyeuristic thrill for millions of viewers. The question left unanswered is why? Why do motorists run when they know the police chase will likely end in an arrest or a crash?

Also why and when do police decide to chase or just follow like the OJ slow speed pursuit that became one of the most famous slow speed police chases of all time?

What is it that fascinates the public so much about these dangerous pursuits? “This greatest hits episode” is an cops special edition exclusive that explores this phenomenon and provides an in depth inside look at police chases and the future of them!

There have been a lot of strong police cars in the last 40 years like the 440 magnum 1974 dodge in the blues brothers original movie. But if you like police cars read about my pick for the best law enforcement vehicle ever built. The 1996 Chevrolet Caprice 9c1 police interceptor.

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