Playstation 3 Car Racing Games

Modified Playstation3 Racing Wheel

My retired neighbor is buying all the Playstation 3 car racing games and accessories available for the ps3, because he thinks they will soon disappear. Here’s the highlights of his obsessive research.

The intro shot on the right is of the steering wheel used in Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition racing game for the ps3. This is the version that was released a while ago. We finally got Gran Turismo 6, But XL 5 is now a good value at under $13.

So far, the most realistic driving physics and graphics I have ever seen on a  generation 3 console system. Also we just got the Midnight Club LA Remix “greatest hits” edition that is reviewed below. Often games in the greatest hits section are old, good and cheap at the same time.

For the first time ever in the history of Gran Turismo players will now be able to get into online races. Finally go head-to-head on some of the world’s best racetracks on the PlayStation3 racing network.

Just my opinion, but GT 5 XL and Gran Turismo 6 work well with a feedback steering wheel. The sense of driving is incredible.

All you need to get racing is a broadband connection and PS3 and of course the game. Once you are up and running view the online rankings and the my garage homepage feature.

This is like a profile or start page on Facebook or my space. Yes they are still in business. Oh and check out the Online Dealership providing a wealth of information on cars and manufacturers available to you. also Gran Turismo TV.

This is a dedicated online channel available exclusively from the ps3 network and packed with some of the greatest content that Motor sports, car manufacturers and TV offers.

PlayStation 3 Force Racing Wheel

My neighbor bought the Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel for PlayStation 3 and 4. It has a slide switch to adapt to the older console.

He uses it often. In fact I have not seen him take a lap without it. The games he plays with the Thrustmaster racing wheel are GTR2, F1 championship edition, burnout paradise and recently Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on the PS3.

The wheel itself is pretty good for around 150 bucks. This price point seems to bring the quality to the next level compared to the under $100 wheels. It has four customization buttons that add very deep levels of adjustment to the car when the game supports it.

The pedals have a very large base and are also solid. This might seem like not a lot of money for a forced feedback whee,l but when you consider what you get compared to other wheels it’s not a bad deal.

The force feedback is excellent the wheel itself is nice and large and just has that quality feel. The gas and brake pedals are more solid then on some real life Toyota sports cars I have driven.

If you take the time to anchor the pedals they feel as good as anything on the market. The six speed shifter is gated with a short throw and feels very real. This is a big deal to me, because I like speed shifting. Also a solid mounting is necessary for real hard shifting.

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In midnight club Los-Angeles players are free to engage in mission driving where they customize a wide range of custom cars and street racing vehicles.

You can go into open ended mode where you explore the city as you see fit. This is the real city and you’ll experience the visual realism of the LA boulevards, freeways, and landmarks made famous in TV and movies.

You also get the realism of the living breathing midnight club LA urban experience that includes traffic jams at rush hour. Greatest hits means lower price and a good gaming experience to me, but I realize others feel differently.

Midnight Club Los Angeles continues the tradition of offering some of the deepest custom car options and configurations you will find in any ps3 car racing game at a reduced price.

The hottest licensed cars and bikes in the world are yours to choose from. You can personalize them down to the last detail to make them all unique.

Visit the Club’s in-game garages located in Hollywood and Santa Monica and let your imagination run wild. Customizing, tweaking and fine tuning with three different types of vehicle modifications.

PlayStation 3 car racing games are the best you can buy. This new system is a very powerful gaming console. The PS3 comes with a hefty price tag, but also a giant hard drive, and the best graphics available today.

F1 Racing Game for the PS3

The people at Sony have not left the online racing car game fan out to dry.

There are some really great PlayStation 3 car racing games available that allow interaction with other online gamers. Note that updates to the long standing series are due out before the holidays.

The graphics and the speed are only made better by the attention to detail and allowing the player to interact with each individual car racing game.

Here is a quick review of burnout paradise. For me this is just plain old arcade fun without the pressure of a simulation type driving game.

Unlike the previous PlayStation 3 car racing games in the Burnout series that where very scripted and constrictive you have total freedom in this one. An open ended world is yours to do whatever you please.

Along with wide avenues and crowded highways, the freedom based design of Paradise City is also jammed full of hidden side streets, back roads and alley ways.

These can be used as short cuts in races. That is if you remember where they are. As you explore commit these potential short cuts to memory because they will definitely come in handy in a tight race.

In true burnout fashion players can expect eventful contests of speed and precision driving. In Burn out Paradise players push, slam and crash opponents in their bid to be king of the road.

Also, new to the Burnout series, races can now start anywhere at anytime. Just pull up to a stoplight and spin your wheels to start a ps3 car racing event.

Two new game modes are the stunt run and the marked man modes. Plus three classic modes remain as standard arcade race, road rage mode and the burning route game play modes.

I bought an Xbox 360 and my neighbor bought the PlayStation 3. I am next-door playing his PlayStation 3 car racing games as much as I use my own console.

My favorite game so far on the PS3 is the F1 racing game. This racing sim is loaded with High Definition visuals, full surround sound audio, extensive circuit details and lighting effects, progressive car damage and changing weather conditions.

FORMULA ONE CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION is the only way to fully interact with the sport. Gamers will experience the real pressure of a Grand Prix race thanks to interactive pit stops, formations laps, unexpected collisions and race incidents.

Fornula One has evolved, welcome to the next level of PlayStation 3 car racing games. Next up are some inexpensive online racing car games available for the PlayStation 3.

Playstation 3 Car Racing Games

A quick update on online F1 car racing games. This review comes after a pretty long wait, but even though this F1 PlayStation 3 car racing game has some age on it, you would be hard pressed to guess what year it was released after playing it.

A lot has been said about the graphics and sound but when it comes to recreating a sport that is so technical Sony has done an outstanding job here. By now it’s obvious that this is no arcade game.

F1 Racing on the PlayStation Platform

I have tried several Ps3 F1 racers in the past, but none capture the essence of the sport, especially when EA sports were in charge of licensing.

Car setup is very detailed. I haven’t seen this amount of options available since the PC game Grand Prix II from Microprose, back in 1992. Starting from the down force all the way down to manage individual gear ratios, this game takes the simulation to a next level.

Unlocking classic race cars from the past was my favorite feature. Driving a Lotus and just enjoying the sound of those V8 engines is simply priceless.

Great detail too! Minor details could be improved, such as more commentaries from the pits and commentators, a better celebration at the end, or a more interactive pit stop. None of these however, will change the fact that the game rocks.

One thing that could improve though, is the multiple player options. There is no microphone option available and the interface is a bit confusing.

Trying to get realistic is a challenge for example if somebody ignores a pit stop and runs out of gas he will just be re spawned in the track with more gas.

The length should be bigger; I know there are several fans dying to try a full-scale race with the actual qualifying session. For what the games costs nowadays, multiple player support should be something to keep in mind.

Anyway this game is a 99% solo game but career mode is quite a challenge. In my opinion it is simply the best F1 simulator out there. Learn more about my gaming adventures and what this mechanic thinks are the most fun car racing games available. This next link takes you from playstation 3 car racing games to fun car games.

Playstation 3 car racing games rock! But it’s time to go back to work. This next link takes you to the very serious automotive homepage. Learn more about me and find answers to more automobile questions.