Playstation 2 Car Racing Games Reviewed

The playstation 2 car racing games are still high on the gamers list of some of the best and fun to play car games ever produced. With tier 1 games like Maden NFL still being released for this old console there’s no reason to give up on this machine just yet.

Gran turismo 4 the screen shot on the right has been held as a benchmark in racing games that few gaming companies have surpassed until recently. This is available below both new and used for cheap.

Check out the most recent batch of new releases with prices so low it is hard to believe. Some of these last quarter offerings listed below are made exclusively for this still capable game engine.

Racing games that are so good, Sony has reissued an updated ps2 console that’s almost the same size as the game box. This slim and light system has received rave reviews but was really released for gamers on a budget.

A very slick move since the economy is so weak and ps3 sales have tanked. The bargain priced systems comes with a movie and a full version game as well. And if you have not noticed even the newest games are twenty dollars less then those offered on the ps3.

Below you will find reviews of some popular newer releases for ps2 car racing games available. Remember that if you click on the individual title you will find hundreds of honest reviews from driving game fans.

Immerse yourself in the game that takes you deep undercover. Race into an action-packed story of pursuit and betrayal. Take on jobs and compete in races to prove yourself as you infiltrate and take down an international crime syndicate. This is what need for speed undercover is all about.

With the highway battle mode you get to fight off the cops and others as you take down your prey in high-speed pursuit. These are some cool high stake multi vehicle chases. The new release is smooth with vastly improved AI mechanics. This means even more aggressive and intelligent cops focused on taking you out fast by any means possible.

Race with the freedom of an Open World. Reek havoc across the massive highway system and explore the true open world of the Gulf Coast cities area. You can drive through three unique cities connected by a real world highway systems.

Playstation 2 Nascar 09 Stock Car Racing

Okay unlike the Maden series of games, NASCAR racing has abandoned porting over titles for the PS2. However, they quit with 2009, and this game comes with two different driving modes. This allows for fun with little learning curve and gets you into the ultimate NASCAR racing experience.

The normal handling model provides a much more forgiving experience, while the Pro model gives you a taste of what it’s really like to get behind the wheel in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race. Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Career Mode and sign lucrative contracts.

You earn a reputation, and accumulate valuable performance points by dominating in three authentic racing series. This includes the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, the NASCAR Nationwide Series, and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Developed for the new PS2 with All New Sprint Driver Challenges. Make a name for yourself and build a reputation through a wide variety of racing challenges and one-on-one battles against the biggest stars.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Review

Most wanted the collectors edition has a little age on it but at a fraction of the original price it is still a lot of fun. Open Road, Open World: Rule the streets as the most notorious street racer in various regions that include factory like and urban environments. Where you race will be factored into the game play.

This installment is my favorite in this long-running series of EA racing games.This is why it was moved to the classic category and re-released with extra polishing. Who doesn’t like a good strategic cop pursuit and skill-based evasion techniques or driving modified imports like The Fast and the Furious.

The most engaging part of this PS2 car racing title is the career mode, which allows you to build your reputation and your bankroll by entering events found throughout a sprawling urban landscape. Is this as much arcade type fun like midnight club 2. Well no but sometimes it’s nice to have more then racing.

The graphics for this playstation 2 car racing games cut scenes is really good, not Gran Turismo good, but close. The cars are especially fine, and you’ve got ample opportunity to examine your customized baby.

You’ll occasionally get a mini-mission to have your car photographed for a magazine cover where you control the background, “pose” and camera angle. Sure it’s kind of a silly way to build your bank, but not a total waste after you’ve spent an hour selecting the perfect color scheme and combination of paint and artwork for your car.

Arguably fans of the Underground series have really seen the madness of street racing at its fullest. Now, the madness has returned. Need For Speed Underground 2 for the Playstation 2, is a wicked, wild and outrageous game for all automobile gamers alike.

Favorite this playstation 2 car racing games page or share with friends. I try to update this page when new games come out. Next up, EA takes over the Burnout series and does exactly what you would do if you designed games. They made the game faster, longer, more fun, and more violent.

The game is excellent. The same buttons, the same concepts, and along the lines if it is not broken then don’t fix it. The game is much, much faster, insanely so.

The crashes feature more parts flying, more paint flying, tires, ripping metal, etc, and the more cars you wreck the better. You get a chance to blow up your own car and cause even more destruction. Burnout 3 Takedown is already a classic in my opinion and one of the best playstation 2 car racing games available.

It’s all about the reckless driving and crashing and has little to do with anything actually related to real-life racing or sim style racing and that’s what makes it so great. It does what it does and makes no excuses for it. It is a weird, wild, and wonderful arcade racing game which more than exceeds its promises and potential.

My Gran Turismo 4 Reviews. I’m in my 50s now and recently discovered this playstation 2 car racing games addictiveness. Yes, it is a bit difficult at first, and the directions for how to play are not so good in the supplied booklet, but a little effort to find out how it all works will yield you big enjoyment rewards.

This is way more fun than driving a real car, not to mention less dangerous, this game is a total winner. Some advice for beginners. Buy a used car like the Honda S2000 as your first car.

This model can be entered in more races in the beginners cup races than most other cars, handles great and with a few upgrades is easy to win races with. Get to the Spider and Roadster races as soon as you can, because they pay better than any others in the beginners area.

As you go along, you will find that more races become unlocked in Arcade mode. In Arcade mode you can choose from a wide variety of tracks, cars, and level of difficulty without having to buy the very expensive cars, which can take a very long time in Gran Turismo mode.

And don’t be misled by those who say Arcade mode is not as good as Gran Turismo mode. To me it seems the driving physics are the same, and you can race a lot of great cars right from the start.

In my opinion I think Arcade mode is better, unless you really enjoy spending endless hours tuning cars and earning credits to drive the fabulous race cars already available in Arcade mode. As an older gamer I can say that this is my favorite playstation 2 car racing game that I have ever played.

I have a lot more information on my favorite driving and racing games available on the PC. This next link takes you from playstation 2 car racing games to fun car games.Learn more about what is covered on this automobile website. Also find out why this car mechanic is answering automotive questions.