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Qx Infinty SUV

This page has some interesting Online auto repair stories about people trying to get others to fix there automobiles in exchange for money. If you are looking for information related to fixing your own car this can be found on my do it yourself auto repair tips section.

If you would like to provide details about a bad experience with a shop or a repair that took many visits, you can post it on the car repair story page. For professional advice on DIY repairs and a 4 minute video visit the page about online auto repair information.

This is an example of how things can go wrong when you take your vehicle in for service. There are lessons to be learned from this next case study. The Lesson is everyone can save money on repairs. I have been providing technical support for about 5 years and this was one of my first success stories. A Doctor had taken her infinity Qx in for an intermittent lack of power and rough running engine. She contacted me through my website. The dealership had already charged two hours of check out time and said they had isolated the problem.

The service adviser called the doctor and stated the cars problem was in the ignition system and that the distributor needed replacement along with the spark plugs and ignition wires. The repairs totaled around $800.00. The doctor approved the auto repairs and the vehicle was completed the same day.

When the customer was headed home the vehicle started acting up the same exact way as before the completed repairs. The vehicle owner returned to the dealer and left the vehicle a second time. This time they had the vehicle for 3 days before calling with a new estimate. The dealer was now reporting that the fuel system was the cause of all the problems.

The dealer provided an estimate for a fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator totaling $1500.00. This is actually when the customer contacted me at my online auto repair web site. I then reviewed the case. What I didn’t like about this story was first they said it was the ignition system and replaced just about all the components in that system. And now they change the story and say the fuel system is the cause and want to replace almost all the parts in the fuel delivery system.