Pictures and History of the Olds 442

442 by Oldsmobile

The Olds 442 is one of my favorite classic muscle cars of all time. On this page I included two great car videos that honor this rare Oldsmobile at the bottom.

The fun Chicago video features the hard to find 1969 442 Oldsmobile convertible in the awesome black and red colors.

But the first thing to tackle is what do these three numbers in 442 stand for. Why are they so important to Oldsmobile fans, and where did they come from in the first place.

Although numbers in the automobile name are common today back in the late sixties they where not. So why include them in a model name? Answers to all these questions to follow.

The numbers were originally designed as an option package identification code beginning in the model year 1964.

The vehicles that most commonly came with this option package where local Government vehicles such as police highway patrol units.

So what do they mean already. The first number stands for a four barrel carburetor. The second number stands for a four-speed transmission.

Yes they did eventually slide some automatic transmission models through to help boost sales. The third number stands for true, straight back, large diameter dual exhaust original with no Y pipe.

First Year for the Olds 442

Baby Blue 442

In 1968 Oldsmobile made this a standalone separate model, transforming it from just an option package to a vehicle that would compete with the Pontiac GTO and the other popular muscle cars of its day.

Over the years, this standalone model would disappear and resurface. And in some cases, the Olds 442 moniker did not honor its heritage of having a four-barrel carburetor for speed transmission and dual exhaust.

But in all cases, the 442 had a large engine bay that was capable of holding a rocket V8 engine. The size of the engine bay and the stoutness of the frame made this vehicle a favorite of drag strip racers.

You can still see them on street night at local tracks. The video below will show you why. It’s common for modded 442’s to pull the front wheels off the ground.

Hurst Olds

In 1985 the Hurst Olds was turned back into a 442. Once again living up to its historic option package number. Although this vehicle only developed 180hp it did have a four-barrel carburetor, a four speed automatic 200-4r transmission and dual exhaust.

Oldsmobile Classic 442 Videos

The first video is self-explanatory. Drag strip history of just about every model 442. The second video is one I hope you will take the time to watch. This is one of my favorite 80’s music videos.

A hot girl driving one smoking hot Olds 442 rag top in my favorite black and red colors. Bookmark or share this classic muscle car page with a friend. Come back to see updated 442 videos and related merchandise.

Oldsmobile 442 in Chicago Video

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