Nissan Auto Upgrades the GT-R Supercar

Nissan auto enthusiast your dreams are now a reality. Nissan Motor Company’s President and CEO has announced the GT-R full production project will continue for 2016 and beyond.

Since the GTR got a face lift and style tweaks for the 2015 model year it’s said that some owners have traded in their older models for the newer versions. This means the 09-2013 models can now be found in used car inventories. Remember that when this car debuted it was voted the motor trend car of the year. Maybe we can afford a used one?

The production version made its United States debut in the 2009 model year during the down economy. It has been on sale in Japan since the fall of 2007. U.S. and Canada will continue to sell the car that rewrote the book for affordable super cars.

The upgrades for the 2016 models are impressive. But the horsepower increase is around 60 and that alone is huge. However, the other upgrades are all about applying this power to the road surface. This means it can now whoop a Shelby and a Z06 Corvette with ease.

For as long as I can remember Nissan auto flag carriers and fans have used the skyline and skyline GT-R as their example of the fastest Nissan auto model available. Although the car is common place in Asia and Europe the car was never offered for sale in the U.S. and Canada.

The sports car has been only rarely imported to this country by the most fanatic Nissan auto fans. The average price tag to import the aging super-car and get it through customs to meet U.S. EPA regulations is rumored to be over $100,000.

Now the North American Nissan sport car fans will be able to get their hands on their very own 2014 Nissan GT-R for about $90,000 depending on the options you choose.While prices rise on some models this one is holding steady.

If you have noticed the skyline name tag has been dropped from the Nissan GT-R to better go along with the latest North American car naming process of short catchy names with just letters and numbers. Nissan said the 370z’s power plant will be punched out to a 3.8 liter.

Now carrying a pair of turbo chargers to raise the base horse power to over 545 and the torque is increased to 449 ft pounds which makes this a v6 monster. The engines designation has been dubbed as the VQ power plant. I have heard and read that the twin turbo model is standard meaning no extra cost in the U.S. Although rumors persist that Nissan will make this an extra charge at some point.

It has also been reported that the engine has been tuned down for reliability and fuel economy as well as U.S. emissions purposes. An example of this is a projected boost pressure of about 10 psi. Well below the industry standard of 14psi.

So the Nissan car clubs see this as an opportunity for some retuning and boost pressure increasing for even more horsepower and torque. Making the Nissan GT-R on the top of every super tuners wish list.

Right now the standard transmission is expected to be the tried and true Getrag 6speed manual transmission. An automatic model is also expected with paddle shifting on the steering wheel and 7 forward speeds. Also on the Nissan schedule is to slide this power train into the Infinity g37 coupe This offers all the power and speed wrapped in a luxury package.

Please keep this in mind as you read this article, that this is the latest information available to me at this time. The 3.8L V6 has a red line of 7500 rpm and develops max horsepower of around 595 right off the showroom floor. The 0-60 time has been reported at an amazing 2.9 seconds. The top speed is just shy of the 200mph club at 195 Miles per hour. The quarter mile time is an amazing 11 seconds with the twin turbo model.

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