New Camaro Convertible vs 1978 RS

The new Camaro convertible, what a beautiful car. If this rear wheel drive American sports car doesn’t get your blood pumping, its time to see a doctor. Hats off to GM for taking the time to strengthen the body before they removed the roof. Examples of the stronger design are in the video review of the 2016 RS trim level rag top model below.

Although this means more pounds added to the already heavy car it’s a necessary evil. However, don’t worry it still turns a low 13 second quarter mile in the SS trim. The next generation 2016 Camaro will continue to steal some retro styling from its grandfather the 1969 Camaro RS. One of the only muscle cars, that when I see it, I think about emptying out my bank account to own it.

Before I talk about the new smaller Chevrolet Camaro. I would like to tell you a story about my first brand-new car. It was a 1977 Chevrolet Camaro RS. My dream car, she was beautiful two-tone black and silver. The interior had bucket seats and a floor shift console with full instrumentation.

The 1977 Chevrolet Camaro had some slightly different styling from the years previous. Eventually I decked out my new Camaro rs with wire mags and gold pinstripes all hand done of course and very much in style at the time. The wire mags were very hard to clean. I remember taking a toothbrush and a bucket of soapy water and spending a couple of hours, every few months on just cleaning the wheels.

She turned heads wherever she went. I was in love, and I have been hooked on Camaro’s ever since. Of course there was the Z28, maybe to some the flashiest model, but there was something so clean so sleek about my 1977 RS.

I had my Camaro rs for 10 years. This is the longest I’ve ever owned one single car. Although her operation was not completely trouble-free, She never left me stranded and always got me home. After a decade of driving the car it was finally time to say goodbye. An offer that I could not refuse sealed the deal. I will never forget the day me and my first new car, parted company.

I have been waiting ever since to fall in love again with another car, that time is now. The new Camaro convertible is absolutely stunning. Buyers will have their choice of hard top version or a rag top special edition available for 2016 and of course the retro styling we’ve come to enjoy is included.

The interior is very sharp and just like my 1977 Camaro Rally Sport it comes with bucket seats and a floor-mounted console shifter. Round retro gauges are sleek and set into square moldings. The gauges feature white faces with red meters (well the one we saw at the car show).

The body accents are bright metal for things as the exhaust tips, and the fuel filler door. The new Camaro convertible is the proper mix of clean lines and style. Any clutter is thankfully omitted. The entry level will offer a V-6 but not the lame one of the past. The 3.6 Liter is 328 HP, but you can move up to a 556 HP 6.0 L V8. My husband says a four-wheel independent suspension with a multi-link rear end will be included.

This must be a good thing? All this adds up to one thing. I love This new hot car from Chevrolet, just like I loved my 1978 RS. It’s been a long wait, but it appears the real deal is on its way. I will guarantee you that when the new mini version of the Camaro convertible is released I will be in line at my local Chevrolet dealership to take the first test drive. Bookmark or share this Camaro convertible video with a friend.

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I owned a Trans Am when my wife had her Chevy but I always liked the Chevrolet muscle cars. See my automotive article about the hard top version of the New Camaro SS.