Get Keyless Entry Remotes, Fobs and Program Instructions

Remote for 1999-2008 Mustang

Self programing replacement keyless entry remote controls are available at the bottom of this page. They come with complete reprogramming instructions so your vehicle will recognize the new remotes.

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A remote entry system allows the car owner to unlock the doors or the trunk from outside of the vehicle without using the key. Some also start the engine or roll down all the power windows by hitting different button combinations.

There are two main components to this convenient option. The electronic control module and a frequency coded button keypad or fob type transmitter in most cases.

Some remote entry systems are controlled through the body module, were as others, like the older Ford Explorer, have a separate unit that only handles the security system.

There are a few odd systems that transmit all the time looking for the return signal from the key fob. This is why Corvettes unlock the doors and turn on the lights as you approach the vehicle without pushing any buttons.

The most popular remote keyless entry types rely on the hand-held transmitter. You control the operation with a press of the button from up to 50 feet away.

This range depends on the power left in the battery and the length of the receiving antenna on the module.

The convenience of the key fob transmitter allows the interior lights to be turned on, the driver’s door to be unlocked and the theft security system to be disarmed.

In some cases it can release the trunk and has the ability to sound the horn so you can find the car in a crowed parking lot. On GM cars and trucks the key fob transmitter will lock the doors and arm the alarm system at the same time.

Remote Programing Instructions

Unfortunately, the programing instructions vary greatly between manufacturers and year make and model. Most have a two step procedure where the vehicle is entered into a code entry or learning mode, so it will accept new remotes.

The procedures come with replacement parts if they are self programmable, but in some cases the dealer has to get involved. Here is the do it yourself procedure for a Nissan Altima as an example.First get inside, on the drivers side and lock all doors. Next insert and remove the key from the ignition more than six times within 10 seconds. At this point the hazard warning lamp will flash two times to let you know it’s ready to learn.

When it enters this mode it forgets the original remote code so have all fobs ready for the next step. It’s time to teach the module the new signal frequency by turning the ignition key to accessory position. Now push the “lock” button on the new remote control one time.

if the new signal is registered the hazard warning lamp will flash twice. If you have additional remotes push the lock button on the next one. When finished turn the key off, unlock the doors and exit.

Advanced On-Board Electronics

The latest high tech systems are capable of changing their access codes each time the remote is used. This handy feature is like changing the cars lock combination automatically after every push of the lock or unlock button.

Some of these more advanced systems can also remote start the vehicle where it will enter a cool down or warm up mode. This automatically tries to improve interior temperature levels before passengers enter.

Climate control systems handle these adjustments on the fly based on readings from interior and exterior temperature sensors. The remote transmitter might also be capable of setting off the alarm system in the case of an emergency.

This is handy if you are having trouble finding the vehicle in a large parking lot. There is usually a button on the remote control that says panic. It will activate this feature and your car will scream for help right along with you.

Benefits of a Key-less Entry System

Most vehicle break-ins are on automobiles with unlocked doors. Many criminals will walk up and down rows of cars trying the doors to see if someone has left their vehicle unprotected.

If you were a car thief or a burglar you would probably do the same thing. Why break into a car if you can find one with the doors already open.

Locks are designed to deny entry to the engine, the passenger compartment, the trunk of the car and prevents a motivated thief from driving away with the whole automobile.

To prevent theft, manufacturers use specially cut keys that cannot be easily duplicated. The double edged lock cylinder mechanisms are extremely difficult to pick.

Transponder pass keys take this a step further and throw a resister in the mix that must match the resistance in the ignition switch.

The key-less system provides an extremely convenient way to not only lock all the doors but to also arm the security system with a push of one remote key fob button.

Car owners that have these types of systems are more likely to lock their doors than people without them. If you have the opportunity to buy a vehicle with key-less entry this would be the way to go.

If you do not have a vehicle with this convenience installed you can add a complete system with a remote key fob to your vehicle. Note that this will be a lot easier if the vehicle is already equipped with power locks. On the left are entry remotes that cover about ten years worth of Ford Mustangs.

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