Isuzu Hombre PU Stories

by chetumallilfleming (Mexico)

As I said before the amount of mechanical problems on the 98 Isuzu Pick up which arose from god only knows what. First the starter started to act up. I mean there were times when I would try to start the car and it would not start. And then there were times when it would just stall somehow shorting itself out. I would find it necessary to pull up the hood to the engine and pull off the fuse relay cover and look at the relays and lo and behold the fuse somehow was always blown. I never knew what the cause was until I left the, US. Oh I forgot to mention, the cover to the bell housing just happened to come loose somehow. The bolts were not put back as they should have been and some of them ended up falling out so this in-turn caused transmission failure and this also ended up needing replacement. As well as the flywheel which it just ended up separating from it’s position and I had to go to, Flagstaff to find the part at the only place I could go within 100 miles to find this part. The old parts place, Nappa.Now when one finds himself living, basically in the middle of “Nowhere” it is pretty much an all day affair to go and look for parts and without a car. Well then one must rely on public transportation. So, I had to take time off from a job. I tried for the life of me to figure out just what else could possibly happen. I just happened to make the realization that my power steering reservoir was without fluid. I took a very long hard look at it to see if there was some kind of leak or something and Yeah you guessed it. I had a crack on the tank. and it leaked very slowly. So, here I go to yet another repair place in, Kingman Az. They replaced the entire thing pump and reservoir for a little over $400 which I had to pay on one of my credit cards.How do you think it ended up with that crack? It turned out that this was just one of the surprises which I found from the original engine replacement repairs done under warranty at, Flagstaff Isuzu. And there was absolutely nothing I could do about it to force them to reimburse me for the $400. I’ll go on with more later on the 98 Isuzu Pick up. Merry Xmas.

98 Isuzu PU Saga

by chetumallil (Mexico)

Continuing the 98 Isuzu pick-up saga. As I recall, going back into the past events. I did finally put the new pieces on that poor truck. It really looked bad. It was drivable but not a night time because we put some old 1976 van lights on the headlights until I could find the parts for the replacement of the original plastic covers. I never could afford them. They had a very high price tag and I was not prepared to pay this on any kind of credit card which is how I ended up paying for all the other parts. I had to special order them and have them shipped to, Phoenix to my father’s house. It took about 3 to 5 wks to get them. I had previously tried places in, Kingman. But to no avail. I drove the hell out of that truck and it continued to break down at the least bit of provocation. I mean, The clutch reservoir ended up getting some dirt in it and this caused the clutch to fail. I had to end up getting the clutch replaced. Then the fan just unbolted itself and the fan fell off. This in turn caused the motor to overheat and crack the block and this was all under warranty. So, I happened to be in, Seligman, Arizona at the time and I had to call a Jerdan to take it on up to, Flaggstaff Mnt. Isuzu. It was there for over 30 days. Finally, when I did get it back the mechanical failures did not stop. The work which had been done I had no idea of what I was faced with mechanically. This goes on and on for years and years. I will continue with more later.

Saga of the 98 Isuzu PU

by chetumallilfleming (chetumal, Mexico)

1998 Isuzu Hombre

1998 Isuzu Hombre

When I left off last time it was right after the accident on, April fools day. I decided to trade my truck in for a, Toyota P-U. So, I went into, Kingman. Which was the closest city to me to look for one. I really had wanted a, Toyota dual cab.I didn’t care if it was used or not. I only found a, used 1992. It was not a dual cab and it had a really high price tag at,10,000.00 paid in payments. They only wanted to give me,$2,500.00 on trade for my new 98 Isuzu. Well, I took the damn thing back to my ranch and when my husband saw it he said,”Just how much do they want for this truck?” I showed him the paper work and he said, “Absolutely Not!This vehicle is 6 almost 7 year senior to the, Isuzu and that’s just unheard of. No we’re taking this thing back to them and getting back the, Isuzu. We went to the dealer and they had to give me back my truck. I did not drive the truck for several years. First the insurance co. was balking on giving me my $3,700.00 check. That took 9 months to get. They were trying to tell me that I had to take the truck to a repair place of their choosing. This was not the case. I owned the truck free and clear and they had no say at all. In the meantime I had taken all the broken pieces off. The fenders. The core support. The Hood. And I placed the truck up on blocks covered her up and left her there for 3 years. That’s how long before I could get all the Pieces I needed. And it wasn’t everything. more later…

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New Isuzu Hombre

by Chetumalli fleming (Chetumal, Mx.)

1998 Isuzu Hombre PU (image added)

1998 Isuzu Hombre PU (image added)

It was the end of the year 1998. When my father came driving up to my ranch in, N.Arizona. He was driving my new, 1998 Isuzu Hombre PU and my mother was following him in their S-10 Black with Hot Pink Wings. He had it specially made for him by, Chevrolet. He purchased me a little white truck. He always gave me white. I ran over and asked him what is this? He said, “Another White vehicle. Only this time it is new.”I was ecstatic as I really needed another white truck because I have a 94 ford F150 which he also gave to me. I proceeded to start to drive my little white truck the 70 miles one-way every day to work and it was fine. It used less gas than the, Ford with the Straight 6. I was very happy for the first 3 months. Then I had a tragedy in my little 1998 Isuzu Hombre PU. I was driving only around 25mph in a little town called, Seligman, Az. and an old PU that was in front of me suddenly stopped. Well, I wasn’t going all that fast but when I pressed down the brakes they would not stop me in time. I ran my drivers side fender and my front end core support and hood all crunched, my front headlight assembly. everything was wrecked. I luckily didn’t break my radiator. My windshield was okay but when I was heading back to my property after the accident. The front hood flew up and crashed it, as well. I managed to drive the truck back to my property and when my husband saw it he just couldn’t believe it. It was April Fools day and I crashed my new truck. This is only the beginning of the problems which I continued to have many mechanical problems with the truck after this event. I can tell the on going story for years and years at this time there isn’t enough room It will have to be a continuing story at a later time.