MP3 Ipod Car Accessories and Interfaces

The right iPod car accessories can take your sound system from one-dimensional and dull to a bass-booming versatile music machine with sound so clear you can hear a pin drop. Not only will you find best-selling iPod stuff for the car here, but also Bluetooth for phones, plug in mp3 solutions and other things that fit with the automotive theme.

There are many iPod car accessories and aftermarket offerings that can make a trip in the car more functional and fun. The competition between companies is continuing to drive down prices and increase quality.

The days of relying on a handful of CDs, or what your local radio station is playing on an endless loop are over. I tried Satellite radio and didn’t Heart the bang for the buck. The original or now called the classic has developed into a must have digital audio system since its inception. We’ve seen this entertainment device through many different incarnations, but the amount of music it holds is amazing.

From the Mini to the Shuffle, Nano, Touch and generations one through Seven for the Classic sporting the biggest hard drive. I just got the 7th edition classic that sports a 160 GB hard drive!

BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) was the first car maker to include I POD car accessories and technology in its vehicles as standard equipment. In 2005, Apple announced the expansion into other car brands, such as Acura, Honda, Volvo, and Mercedes Benz.

It doesn’t matter how old the car is. Any vehicle can be equipped with adapters and interfaces to incorporate an array of devices. If you’re searching for radio or accessory wiring diagrams visit the page about auto repair manuals. Below is more about a pioneer wired head unit that interfaces and charges at the same time.

Many iPod FM transmitters or interfaces can be purchased through online sites and car accessories parts stores and right here as well. This allows you to use your own radio controls to command your iPods.

On my vehicle I have steering wheel mounted radio controls so this was important to me. By connecting certain accessories, thousands of songs can be accessed through your own factory car stereo system. I think a good FM transmitter is the Belkin listed below on the right.

It is also very reasonably priced. When tuned to a truly empty station this device sounds great compared to some of the other available offerings. The versatility of this item is that it can be brought from vehicle to vehicle no matter what the cars radio capabilities are.

The only requirement is that the radio can pick up an FM signal. The flexible mounting options is made to conform to many different vehicle interiors. You want to provide good support to the device so it’s not bouncing around while driving.

Overall this is a fantastic product at a great price (my opinion) and it works as advertised. I bought it to be able to play my MP3s from my Droid phone and through the stereo on my girlfriends car that I drive often.

Car Accessories Ready to Interface

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent and a crystal clear sound, look no further than the many options available with Pioneer car audio. The Pioneer DEH-X6600BS Bluetooth CD receiver has iPod/iPhone Control and colorful LCD display. Includes front panel auxiliary input, USB port with direct iPod control.

Has a detachable face with a 10-character adjustable display. The DEH-X6600BS lets you play music from a variety of sources. If you want to leave the ipod at home try connecting a USB thumb drive or other device for direct playback of MP3, WMA, or WAV audio files.

You can still play back your old retail CDs or any burnt CD-R/RW discs. Flexible display options are cool allowing you to choose from over a thousand color variations to compliment your interior lighting. the DEH-X6600BS serves up serious performance for the money.

The 50W x 4 amplifier sounds good with minimal distortion regardless of the source. This system can make you wish you were stuck in traffic. Different options for audio car accessories have come a long way over the years.

Pioneer and iPod are among the forerunners in audio technology, and have a wide variety of systems to suit your traveling needs. Make sure that your drives not boring with tin can sound by upping the quality of your cars stereo system.

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iPod Car Accessories Reviewed

The GT Max 7 in one delivers clear stereo sound through a car’s stereo system. It uses the dock connector for optimal output. Uses the car’s steering wheel stereo controls just like when you are listening to the factory installed radio.

I had other ipod car accessories and FM modulators that connected through the headphone output but they could only select a couple FM stations and didn’t work that great. I was impressed with this unit until I found the 8 GT max shown above.

It has a digital tuner selection where you can choose any frequency you want that gives a strong signal. My favorite part is it uses the Nano dock connector which outputs line level rather than headphone so you get a clean sound output. Highly recommended if you hate to mess with cables. This next page talks about picking and installing a car audio system. Read about my own personal story of my first high line system install. This next link takes you to the car audio page.

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