hyundia elantra misfire

by Thomas McPhilmy (Cazenovia NY)

2003 elantra

2003 elantra

Daughters car 2003 elantra, skipping or misfiring badly no steady check engine light. The condition comes and goes at times. Car will run 25 miles with no problem then will start bucking and skipping and won’t idle. At local repair shop they try a little water spray on the coil and plug wires. It was arching like mad so, new coils, plugs and wires installed. Seemed better but after a few days its doing it again. At night in driveway I tried the mist again and arching all around the new wires and some at the wire connections at the bottom of the coil. I got a second set of wires (napa best) and dielectric grease at bottom coil connectors and under all boots. Also spray everything down with silicone sealer. Its still acting up as I drive down the road at 60 the cars stalls and restarts. I can push clutch in and it will quit pop the clutch it will restart. In 20 miles it is acting up half the time and running well half the time? Ideas please – a simple code reader showed no stored codes 2 weeks ago.

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Hyundai Elantra engine miss by: Anonymous Seems like you did everything you could to stop the misfire on your 2003 elantra. Looking through a few Hyundai forums it would seem your problem is not uncommon. Although the work you performed seemed to take care of the misfire on other vehicles. Many mention the replacement of the coils as the direct resolution.The one thought that came to mind was sliding plastic conduit over each individual wire and then maybe a larger piece of conduit over all the wires. Although the use of the conduit is most often used for engine compartment dress up (with pretty colors) it may add an extra layer of insulation that your Napa wires are looking for.