Hot Cars Video Unleashed

We are taking the hot cars page to a new level. The hot cars video wave has arrived. People love this old but good playlist below. I went through my favorite videos of which I have over 100 favorites and selected only the best as related to hot cars and super cars.

We start with Julie who would like to show us her 1969 Camaro SS. Turn the volume up for this video to hear one of the sweetest sounding big block 502’s around. Oh that Julie is a hot one with a great sence of humor like when she tells us about what is in the trunk of her modified 69 Camaro. At the end of the video she does a burnout in her driveway and almost runs into a car passing down the street.

The next video of hot cars is a Ferrari Enzo teaching a Mustang and a Camaro Z28 a lesson about what is a fast car. This is another video where the sound should be cranked up to hear the sweet sounds of a V12 Ferrari Enzo blowing by a Camaro. Nothing on this planet sounds like a V-12 engine put together by Ferrari.

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If you did not make it through all of the clips here is what you missed. The police chase video is of a real life car thief that was believed to be some kind of professional driver on a car stealing mission. When the police tried to use the pit maneuver they where surprised at the results! There are some great shots of the hot car in high speed action in this video taken from the bear in the air (news helicopter).

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The last hot cars video is all about the Toyota Supra and what can be done to turn up the volume on this already fast car. The black Supra pictured in most of the video is of the twin turbo variety. This car absolutely screams.

You can hear the tires burning and the turbo spooling up very clearly. Listen real close to hear the waste gate open and dump the over-boost. It sounds like the car is sneezing. I have a few videos of the strongest performing mass produced police interceptor ever built (my opinion)! See the 1996 Caprice Lt1 with the 9C1 option package. I have more pages and pictures of the worlds fastest cars. This next link takes you to the super cars page from this page about hot cars video. You can search this site and the Internet at the same time for fast cars.

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