Ford Does NOT back defects

by Jackie (Michigan)

2006 Ford F150 image

2006 Ford F150 image

I bought a 2006 Ford F150. Within months I took a trip from Michigan to Mississippi with the truck. I drive a lot so I put a lot of miles on my vehicles. I did buy the extended warranty and because of the miles I put on my vehicles, it was in the extended warranty but normally would not be for most people.The truck broke down in southern Indiana. Turns out that the wires to the computer were rubbing against the steering column bracket and caused so many error messages that the computer shut down. It was a Friday night, pouring rain with severe weather warnings for hours and miles. On the freeway, on a bridge with no shoulder. NO TOW TRUCK per my warranty because of it being a small town. Had to wait 45 minutes for a cop to show up and find me a tow truck that I had to pay for. Dropped it off at a dealer that wasn’t going to be open until Monday. No car rentals with cars available so totally stranded.Had to pay for a motel for two nights until someone could come and get me. Had to leave the truck there. My dealer at home drove me back to get it…….only decent thing that happened but more hours on the road for the heep. My deductible was $250. The cost was $246. Didn’t describe the repair……I am trying to fight the visual of electric tape but you can’t deal with Fords so you are just plain S.O.L. I didn’t get reimbursed. Ripped off totally on the whole deal. And customer service was rude and basically told me to “F.O.” about the whole deal. They would not even consider the reality that this was THEIR DEFECT and not a customer fault. Not to mention that the truck had high miles on it so would have normally been under warranty. I have never had any decent dealings with Ford’s. I took a chance on this 2006. Back in 1994 we bought a new truck that had two gas tanks. It started pumping the gas from one to the other causing it to overfill and leak. The truck was under original warranty. Service said it wasn’t covered because we let it run out of gas………DUH! Ya think? It was emptying one into the other. By the time one was empty and the other overfilling it was too late…….emptied!Years later we learned they had a recall for this. It was only for years up to 1993. I called, again they didn’t care. They did not care that the 1994 had the exact same problem. If they didn’t have to fix it, weren’t forced by recall, they were not going to – plain and simple.My girlfriend worked in the service department at Ford. When I used to go visit her or meet her for lunch, all the service reps were stressed and the customers angry. Always an issue regarding warranty and things not being covered. I never had that experience during the years in between when I bought GM’s. Not that the GM’s didn’t have their problems, but the service and warranty were stress free.I don’t see how I can get out of this hunk of junk but I won’t be buying another Ford. I hope they end up going out of business. They deserve it. They have not proven to me that they put quality vehicles out there and they surely do not back up their defects.

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Can’t fix it all by: Anonymous I had a lot of cars fords , gm products and dodge and some I’ve put extended warranties on them but they will only covers parts and labor not towing . Towing is covered by car insurance polices or the dealer if they have a tow device, but this guy bitches about a truck breaking down and admits he drives the hell out of it , so I think you didn’t take care of the vehicle as you should the way you were using it . Also I have had trucks with twin tanks for a long time and I have heard of the tank switch not switching tanks but to my knowledge these are to separate tanks not hooked together other than a switch to activate one sending unit and pump or the other . If two tanks feed one another than its one tank ( semi’s run two tanks that has a tube between the two tanks to keep them equal and balance weight ). The problem aren’t the cars this guy drives but the nut behind the wheel.

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lemon f150 by: lemon f150 jungle I have 06 f150 trans broke, frame broke had to put plugs in it p.c.m. u joints the list goes on.

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Follow up and FYI on Broken Spark Plugs by: Anonymous Just learned today that the local Ford dealer doesn’t have the tool for this problem and basically it is a hit or miss situation as far as success to recover the broken spark plugs leaving the customer with potential repairs involving the heads.Nice to know what it could cost you for just a tune up. Any one reading this……beware to make your tune-ups frequently. Don’t ever trust a 100,000 mile spark plug. Also have the anti-seize applied with the new spark plugs.There are actually specific steps to removing spark plugs and a “tool.” None of which are promising. There are also tools for the “broken spark plugs. Of course Ford milks you with their Rotunda tool costing $300-$600. Don’t question how much they charge to get the broken plugs out.Lisle and CalVan also make tools – more affordable. Might want them on hand for the “do-it-yourselfer” or if you have a friend doing it for you. Save yourself the down time and do the research through the TSB on this matter. A garage can end up calling you and telling you that you need heads replaced. Either way the consumer gets hit hard in the checkbook for the problem. I didn’t know until it was too late… so many, I am sure.Pass the word on and tell people to get all the information per the TSB and be prepared with tools before jumping in or you may very likely find your truck DOWN for days and facing replacing heads.Chambers filled with WD40 and still not coming out. No one in town has tool nor the “real” experience at conquering this. It is a problem that has not been figured out nor resolved so the best way to keep from ending up like me and many others……do that research and be prepared with the right tools and all to do the tune up.Seems it would be wise to periodically loosen those spark plugs in between tune ups so they don’t get the opportunity to “bake in” or “seize in. Missing a days work – unprepared – no vehicle and don’t know when I will have it and what it will cost to get it. Might end up having to rent a car……..very costly!