Discover Online Drag Racing Games

We all love a good drag racing game. Unfortunately, the site allowing us to embed the flash game drag race version 3.0 has become unreliable. Let me go over the simple controls of the game in-case you want to shell out the 2 bucks for the premium version. If you’re interested in freebies an Amazon widget is about half way down with offerings.

The version 4 premium game concentrates on the two basic fundamentals of the sport. Number one is a good reaction time when the light turns green. Number two is timing the up shifts on your manual transmission drag car at the right time. It may take a few races for you to get these two fundamentals down, but it is quite a bit of fun once you do.

Online Drag Racing Game Controls

The updated premium version 4 of this game is simple and fun. It works on the PC or an android device including tablets and phones. Reading the reviews, people are mad because when they upgraded to version 4 they lost all progress and saved cars. It’s still fun regardless of having to start over.

Control the Drag Cars with just a few keys. The space bar key is the gas pedal. You can also use the space bar to skip the intro scene. The up and down arrow keys on your keyboard will up and down shift the transmission in your chosen automobile. Yes you can blow the engine so take it to the red line but no more.

The letter N will give you a nitrous boost which is nice if you find yourself falling behind. Don’t get frustrated follow these directions to get racing. Select Arcade Mode to get the hang of it. Next you click on buy car. Arcade mode lets you purchase any car. After selecting one hit the buy button and continue.

Next click the word Back (bottom right) to go back to the main screen. Next click race to pick the opponent car! From that screen find the gray RACE button on the upper right side and click the word “Race”. Now you are taken right to the drag strip. watch the tree count down and hit the space bar and up arrow to shift. Early shifts come fast.

Online Drag Cars Selection

There are lots of street racing drag cars to choose from both for your selection and also the vehicle that you will be racing against. The computer-controlled drag racing opponent can be controlled with the selection of the car that you are racing.

Example, if you put yourself in a Dodge viper and choose a VW bug for the computer you will have a much better chance of winning the drag race.

If you select the same vehicle for the computer as you choose for yourself then this will be a very close race, going to the vehicle with the highest skill level. This online car race game is deeper than it seems at first glance. There are career modes and statistics that at some fun and value. Go ahead and give it a try.

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