Marketing Tips for Auto Repair Shops

5 Better Marketing Tips for Auto Repair Shops

December 28, 2020 Auto Facts 0

A good mechanic is hard to find and can be even harder to find if they don’t advertise properly. Word of mouth is often the best marketing tool for a business like automotive, get your customers to talk to boost your business! Your customers are one advertisement away, be it […]

Used Car Parts

5 Things to Look for When Buying Used Car Parts

December 16, 2020 Auto Facts 0

Are you making repairs to your car or tinkering with an older model vehicle? There are many benefits to buying used car parts instead of investing in brand new ones. One of the main benefits of buying used is cost savings. Many parts are salvaged from a damaged car which […]

Rental Car

How To Decide Which Rental Car To Ask For

December 16, 2020 Auto Facts 0

There are countless reasons why you might be Googling “car rental near me” right now. You might be going on a business trip. You might be looking for a replacement vehicle while yours in the shop. You might be looking to rent luxury cars for a special occasion. Whatever the […]