Diagnose a Bad Thermostat

How to Diagnose a Bad Thermostat

January 20, 2018 Mark Gittelman 0

People need to know how to diagnose a bad thermostat. It’s one of those often misunderstood car parts. When an engine has a cooling system problem people want to head directly for the engine thermostat. This raises a bunch of questions. For one, how long can we expect the thermostat […]

Top Tips for Choosing an Auto Transport Company

January 8, 2018 Auto Facts 0

Are you looking into shipping your car and wondering the best way to go about it? It’s good that you’re doing your research before signing on with the first auto transport company you come across. There are some important things you should know before choosing a company that will be […]

Guide to Avoiding Winter Car Damage

January 8, 2018 Mark Gittelman 0

The good news is avoiding winter car damage is an obtainable goal. We can take steps to not only protect our automobile, but perform ongoing maintenance during the harsh winter months to reduce long-term damage to our automobiles. Despite the optimism of a mild and dry winter, many major metropolitan […]