Car Care Videos for Diy Type People

Car care videos for motorists from the video sharing service. These two videos appeared recently on the news room web site and after watching through them I thought they would be valuable for visitors interested in keeping on top of their automobile maintenance.

The first video is all about fall and winter vehicle care and you also learn  how to prepare your cooling system for a road trip. This is good advice for the up coming winter driving season, because the video talks about the proper mixture to prevent freeze up.

Cold snaps and low temperatures have a way of sneaking up on you, but in reality proper coolant mixture is important for any time of the year. Knowing what to poor into the reservoir or radiator and how to perform it correctly is included in the short clip.

The safety tips are also important and well done in the video. A basic cold weather survival kit can be a life saver. When I’m driving in a snow storm I start thinking about my warm blanket in the kit and how glad I am that it’s in there.

The car care video at the bottom is provided by the Oregon department of transportation and covers more advanced inspections with an emphasis on belts and other important fluids besides coolant. Although they perform a quick inspection on a Jeep Grand Cherokee the tips that are reviewed can be applied to any year make or model automobile.

This next video addresses vehicle servicing for harsh weather conditions like they have in Oregon. This is a must for students, young drivers or anybody that may not be familiar with what to expect when it comes to general maintenance and how to deal with vehicle breakdowns.

This 4 minute video is also a good car care refresher for anytime of the year and applies to all drivers even the most experienced ones. We all get lazy and sometimes forget to keep up on the important things on our own vehicles. I’m guilty of this as well.

Recently my boss said, hey mark your tires look really low. He was right. When I checked it they had about 15 PSI in them. The cold weather came along and reduced my tire pressure. See what else you can do yourself in the caring for cars video below. These tips can greatly increase reliability folks.

If your looking to dive into performing your own auto repairs I have some more information on that topic. This next link takes you to the Diy auto repair page.

The home page is up next. This is where you can get a rundown of what other information is covered on this car website. You can also find out why the mechanic that built it is qualified to dispense automotive advice. Do you prefer to learn about car repair from videos as opposed to reading through pages of text. I got you covered. My latest site focuses on auto repair for do it yourself mechanics. And I also have a page with nothing but car repair videos.