Rear Wheel Drive Automotive History

Chrysler made automotive history with the return of the Dodge Charger as a rear wheel drive sports car. The moment this car hit the showroom floor it was selling like hot cakes. Americans like there cars to be pushed by the rear wheels as apposed to being pulled by the front ones.

The Charger was also developed into a police interceptor package and has sold well to local law enforcement agencies. The rest of the industry not wanting Chrysler to rewrite history alone started designing new models with old names that featured the return to a rear wheel drive platform.

If you’re like me you may miss the old days when the only front wheel drive cars where Japanese. It was a sad day in automotive history when the American car manufactures bailed out on the rear drive standard and started chasing foreign car-makers on the front wheel drive program.

Some would say this was the beginning of the end for all American car makers but for sure the death of the muscle car was the first result of the front wheel drive take over. Yes I know there are fast front wheel drive cars out on the road.

But have you ever done a smokey burn out in one? The torque steer and wheel hop takes all the fun out of it. It use to be that supporters of FWD would cling to the notion that better traction was a good enough reason to keep building these cars. But with the advancement of Traction control systems this argument is fading. what cars will be making history in the near future?

I think the leader in the next wave of rear wheel drive cars will be General Motors. A leaner meaner post bailout GM will introduce a new and fresh series of vehicles. These will be based on the flexible zeta platform that was designed and built by General Motors Australian Holden partnership. I am pulling for the American giant to stake their claim on automotive history as an example of a successful comeback story.

I am also hoping these cars will have an optional v8 power supplied by the 6.0-liter Vortec. This engine in it’s current form produces a lot of horses and torque. With the new 6 speed automatic or optional 6 speed manual transmission coupled with rear wheel drive tire-smoking performance is available for those not interested in only MPG.

General Motors is using the Camaro name to assure there’s no confusion about their dedication to the zeta platform. It’s times like these that makes me miss the Pontiac franchise. How cool would it be to have a Pontiac version of the Camaro like the old days.

Pontiac’s last rear wheel drive entry before they closed down was the G8. I can’t even express to you how much I love the G8. It won awards and was truly amazing to drive. The Impala will also return to its rear wheel drive roots and be offered as a police package as well as the return of the Impala SS.Behold the rear wheel drive Camaro.

As for Ford I must give them credit they always understood the value of the rear wheel drive car and never ditched the Mustang even when sales where low. But they will add to their line up with the new Lincoln MKR.

The MKR will make history and will provide neck-breaking performance with the first American car to carry a twin turbo. The 3.5-liter v6 is rated at 415-horse power and should move the light car very well.

Ford also showed their new Interceptor concept car that is slated to replace the aging Crown Victoria but maintain the strong frame and rear wheel drive configuration. Give this page about rear wheel drive and a share.

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