tire air pressure

6 Useful Tips About Monitoring Tire Air Pressure

July 6, 2018 Auto Facts 0

Do you know how much air you should have in your tires? Can you accurately monitor your tire pressure? From age-old tricks to tips about new tech that can be used to help you gauge tire air pressure, here’s everything you need to know.

restoring a car

How to Know If Your Car Is Worth Restoring

June 25, 2018 Auto Facts 0

If you’ve got an old, vintage car sitting in your garage that won’t run anymore, it’s tough to decide whether to sell it or give it a full restoration. In this guide, we’ll show you when you should consider restoring a car.

vehicle protection

8 Vehicle Protection Tips

April 26, 2018 Auto Facts 0

Vehicle protection includes everything from safety features to extending the life of the interior. Read on for some tips to keep the whole thing covered.