Auto Repair Work not Performed

by Greg Glass (Millersport, Ohio)

98 dodge conversion vans (image added)

98 dodge conversion vans (image added)

Auto repair work not performed. I bought a 98 dodge conversion van in 02 I think, from tri county Chrysler in heath Ohio. On a test drive it had a miss under load and I smelled antifreeze. I told the salesman and he said don’t worry its still under warranty, but made me sign a form that says nothing promised nothing owed. I asked what about the miss and he said don’t worry its under warranty. so the following week they got it in for service and said the transmission needed rebuilt under warranty but the intake gasket and tune up was not covered. I raised heck about them telling me it was under warranty and they said they would do it for cost. Got the van back and I pulled the doghouse off and they didn’t do the auto repair work cause the intake gasket was still covered with dirt. Nor did they replace the spark-plugs and wires that were on my bill. the owner came out and said the mechanic would be fired, but I still think the mechanic was doing what he was told.

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Repairs not performed by: Anonymous Greg: Thanks for taking the time to tell your auto repair story! I bet you this type of thing happens more often then car repair customers might realize.How many people would take the time to pull the dog house engine cover on a custom van to verify the repairs were actually done. I think the lesson learned from your story is that all customers should make sure they are getting what they paid for! They can ask for the old parts (including gaskets) or at least make sure new parts are installed like you did. Thanks!