2007 Toyota Corolla 30k maintenance service

by Maria (Aberdeen, Maryland)

2007 Toyota Corolla for the 30,000 maintenance service schedule. Hello, I live in Harford County, Md. About 30 miles outside Baltimore City. I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla, with 29,596 miles at time of service. I took my car to Thompson Toyota, Edgewood , Md. February 6, 2011. I wanted scheduled an appointment for the 30,000 service check and oil change. After about a 30 min wait, I ( female with no knowledge of Auto Repairs ) was called to the service desk to be told that I had problems with my 2007 Toyota Corolla that needed to be taken care of. I was shocked. I have not had any problems with my car since I purchased it. The Service Associate proceeded to tell me I needed Entire Fuel System Flush, Service Throttle Body, Cabin Air filter replacement, Drive Belt(cracked), Air Filter, Brake System Flush, Power Steering System Flush, Fuel System Cleaning, and Transmission Flush. This was with 27pt Toyota Quality Vehicle Inspection. The total for all above services came to $738.00 which was put in my Visa. I asked the Service associate how could that be? I have not had any problems. She went on to explain about carbon deposits, Etc. Not knowing anything about Auto maintenance, and having complete trust the dealership was being honest with me, I went ahead and signed for the repairs. While wondering how was I going to pay for these services. I have been unemployed for 2 yrs and 4 months. I don’t receive unemployment insurance. I received $200.00 in Food Stamps. I have my son and daughter in law to thank to pay for my house payments. Otherwise, I would have lost my home. As I stated above, I trusted these people. That is why I had my 2007 Toyota Corolla serviced there and purchased my car from this same dealership as well. I learned about 20 min. later from my son that I had been taken advantage of. I had been scammed. I did not need none of the services performed. My son called the service dept. and asked to speak with the service associate who waited on me. But, she had left for the day. My son then spoke to another associate. This person said there was nothing we could do. I had signed the Authorization for the services to be done. End of Story. Nothing we could do. I went home that day and filed a complaint with the Baltimore Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Agency and Maryland’s State Attorney’s Office as well as Toyota Motor Sales, USA , Customer Experience Center. So far, I have heard from the BBB. Received a reply from Thompson Toyota. Sympathized with my financial status, but, all services performed on my automobile were necessary for safety and better gas mileage, etc.They will not reimburse any of my $. They are honest, etc. Today I spoke with the Service Parts Director. He asked if I had visited the link he had advised I read to better understand why these services were performed. (Site sponsored by Motor Trend Magazine ” Goss’s Garage”. He seemed irritated that I had not read the article. He also wants to set up a meeting between him, my son and I. ( My son is a store manager for a major auto parts store ). The Service Director spoke to my son to see just how much my son knows about automobiles). I have not yet read the article. Instead, I am doing my own research on how scams are done to people on Auto Repairs. This is my 1st sight. What happened to me is almost word for word on how the scam works. I don’t intend to meet with this person until I have much more information. The work is done. How do I get the company to admit they made a “mistake” and reimburse my money back? I need help. Please, is there anyone who has advice to help me with the 2007 Toyota Corolla maintenance? Thanks so much.

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2007 Toyota Corolla 30k maintenance Service by: Maria Thank you Mark for reading my complaint and answering so quickly. I appreciate it very much. Unfortunately, I just spoke with representatives from Toyota Customer Service. I was told they cannot help me. It is totally up to the Dealership on how they wish to settle this complaint. To be truthful with you, I think they will not change their minds to reimburse for services that where performed and unnecessary. I believe you are right. When it comes to auto repairs, the customer does not matter. It is ashamed. If it wasn’t for customer’s, they would not be making a living. I can promise you this, I will do homework on auto repairs Before I will have services done again. I will not trust another mechanic/dealership again. I will go in from now on with eyes wide open. I have read your book and will find more articles to read regarding this subject. Again, I thank you very much.

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2007 Corolla Maintenance by: Mark the Mechanic Maria I feel bad about your 2007 Toyota Corolla story as it seems they reached deep into your pocket at a bad time. In most cases getting some kind of adjustment at this point is rare. After the repairs are approved and paid for and the vehicle has left the facility it can be hard to turn things around. I know hindsight is 20/20 but the time to act is before services are approved. Once fluids have been changed at the approval of the customer refunds are almost unheard of. As far as the list of services that where recommended the 3 that stand out to me the most are the Brake System Flush, Fuel system Flush and the Power Steering System Flush. I do not believe these are recommended by Toyota at the mileage you indicated. If they where required for safety I would have asked the Dealership for Documentation of why.The other items you mentioned may be on the factory recommended service interval at 30K (Check your owners Manual) and therefore should have been brought to your attention. But in most cases when the vehicle owner makes it clear that they can not afford everything, the Dealership will prepare a smaller estimate with only the critical recommendations. I think you did the right thing by contacting Toyota for assistance. I hope you get some justice and I wish I could be of more help.