2006 Sebring oil leak

by Dec2010 (Georgia)

2006 Chrysler Sebring

2006 Chrysler Sebring

2006 Sebring with repeating oil leak. I have a 2006 Sebring with a 2.4L engine that has had the seals replaced twice and it still kept pouring oil. My mechanic found out that the 2005 and 2006 engines were missing a thrust bearing and so it kept pushing the crankshaft against the timing belt which pushed out the front seal. Chrysler fixed the design by adding a second thrust bearing with a new revision to the engine. After 8 weeks and $5500 of repair and rental bills, I have a new half block and it seems to be fixed. I am trying to find out if any others had the same 2006 Sebring oil leak issue. Thanks for any info you can give.

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Same problems different car- 2005 PT by: Anonymous I have a 2005 PT Cruiser w/a 2.4 L engine that only has 29,500 miles on it. I never had a drop of oil under my car before 6/3/13, which poured out just pulling out of my driveway. Towed the PT over to a certified service center 2 blocks away. They told me it was the crank seal and the timing belt. Only 15 miles driven and the seal blew again. Took it back and again the seal failed, so I took it to the dealer. He’s telling me that the seal is being forced out by crankshaft end play and that this will cost about $5,000 to repair the engine (lower crank seal, upper cam shaft seal, front crank seal, thrust bearing) Did I mention that the PT only has 29,500 miles on it!! This is a factory defect w/ Chrysler’s 2.4L engines manufactured in 2005 & 2006, so why does the consumer have to pay the price?

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My Sebring is a 2007 by: Anonymous Chrysler Owner I just recently serviced my 2007 Sebring. There was an electrical problem and as a result my fuel pump was replaced. The total cost was $990. Is this a typical problem with this car? My Sebring has average miles on it about 67000 miles on it. I bought it with 38000 miles. I have had a couple recurring problems and need to know if this is typical and what the problem is. Periodically either the service engine light will appear or the airbag light will appear. Usually it is the airbag light. Sometimes they will stay on shortly or sometimes they could appear for several days. Sometimes the car will stall. It happens when I am at a complete stop or while I am stopping. Usually as I am parking in a lot.

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2.4 liter oil leak by: Kansas I have a 2006 Stratus with repeated front main seal failure at 90.000 miles . I am not sure what to do with the car. Beautiful car. In Kansas

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costly fix by: Anonymous I have a 2006 Sebring with a 2.4l and only 44k miles on it. I just heard back from my local Chrysler dealership on my oil leak and the crank case seal is blown and the crank shaft has movement. They said the best repair would be a new short block since a total overhaul would cost about the same at $3815. I have contacted Chrysler Customer Service 800-992-1997 and are waiting to hear back from them on what they can do to assist. If this is a known issue with the 2.4l engine I would think Chrysler is partly responsible and should pick up most of the cost.

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2006 Sebring Oil leak by: John My 2006 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, 2.4L engine has developed the same oil leak from the same root cause. The vehicle has 73k miles on it and oil changes have been done on a regular basis with specifications. For the first 36K miles, a local Chrysler dealership did the oil changes. After that time period, I performed my own oil changes using pure synthetic oil with an interval of no greater than 6K but usually in the 3k to 4K range. The initial fix was to replace the front crankshaft seal along with the timing belt, water pump, etc, since it was due for that service in a relatively short time. After completion of the work by a local shop, it began to leak oil again even before it left the shop. I then took it to a Chrysler dealership to check and verify the work. After discussing it with them, they check the lower end of the engine and agreed it was the same problem as highlighted in this article. I have contacted Chrysler and am waiting for a resolution of the problem.

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06 Sebring leaking by: Anonymous My girlfriends car has the same problem with the oil leak. The crankshaft grooved where the seal goes and oil pours out of it. They are telling her 5,000.00 to fix it but have said nothing about the thrust bearing or revised engine. We are going to see how much shes owes on the car and go from there. How did you get Chrysler to pay for the new engine? and if you took it to one of their shops would they have covered the costs completely?

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06 Sebring oil leak by: burned again by sebring I HAVE THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM! On my 2.4L 06? Sebring Sedan. Never had a carfax upon financing to see that it was a rental car and it had 53k when at 1yrs old:( But it was a good car for a few yrs til now. I started having an oil leak couldn’t figure it out.I always had oil in it and just go maybe 5k instead of 3k Based on my maintenance log book schedule that I was OK with that. I’ve never gone bone dry with my oil til recently and its because of the leak That weekend, Finally took my car in to an insured & licensed shop because of my warranty which is a joke. They replaced my water pump, timing chain & crankshaft seal This was in Nov 10 – 2mos ago. They told me then I had a ‘manufacturer’s defect’ & that my crankshaft was not shoved in all the way causing my timing to be off. Now mind you, be for this, my engine light came on a few months be for & my car was dying at idle. Replaced the camshaft sensor & it was fine. After I got my car out of the shop where my oil leak was fixed & they replaced those 3 parts & put new oil&filter on again, the problem is the idiots that worked on my car didn’t put a hose back right on my engine, they put in on another part of it where there isn’t a hole poked in on the end cap since that component is used in many models. It caused my car to dye at idle & my malfunction light to come on again. Called the shop and since they are 45 minutes away I never took it back up there since it was to much of a hassle to drive all the way up there to people who denied they did it. I found it within 5 minutes of looking under the hood. Since then I have replaced my throttle position sensor idle control valve sensor pcv valve spark plugs there are electrical shorts all over the place My oil light came on this week – couldn’t believe I was out but I was out. Put some oil in & the thing starts leaking the next day I was furious so I called the shop they said bring it back. In the meantime I stoppd at an oil shop knowing they deal with this all day they’ll have a good answer. He looks under my car & told me my housing or my engine block is damaged & with pity in his eyes he said between the timing the engine the leak & damage that I should just trade in the car. It will be more to fix than to just start over. I agree. Oh – let’s not forget the constantly dying at idle at 1-1/2 rpms. The sad thing is I will have to put – equity in my name but at least I’ll have a working car. Have you considered contacting Chrysler? I am seriously interested in conversing with you even if you don’t have it anymore. Please email me at [email protected]&we can go over this more.

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How Sebring car was fixed Dec 2010 by: Anonymous The fix was getting the revised short block with two thrust bearings. Chrysler reimbursed me the money for the cost of the engine but not the labor because they didn’t do the work. I wanted to put this out there so other people will not keep spinning their wheels and can tell their mechanic to replace the short block with the revised engine.

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never seen this by: Jay Daniels I have seen many of these vehicles with 2.4 and never ran into this type of problem. If the trust bearing was missing it would not make it off the lot without knocking and you would have no oil pressure. That’s not to say you didn’t have a problem with the thrust bearing.

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Same oil leak by: Anonymous The same thing is happening for me. Sebring oil leak started of with a oil pump housing then once the work was done, the crankshaft is pushing out the seal. Shop is telling me they need to take out engine and replace crankshaft. Did you do the same thing? What was the outcome? No more oil leaks?