2005 Malibu Alignment

2005 Chevrolet Malibu

2005 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 05 Malibu and the rear end of the vehicle went out of line. Well this was at least what I was told by a tire shop and alignment center. I know something was wrong because it did wear out the rear tires very uneven and they eventually had to be replaced. So the tire and alignment center said it needed shims to align it back up properly to solve the issue of rear tires wearing out prematurely. So I approved the necessary repairs and had it fixed as recommended and the tires replaced. A few thousand miles later it did it again well was still wearing uneven and on the road to wearing out the edges first. I took it back to the same place that said it was fixed for another inspection. The rear end alignment was out again. They did not know why so they tighten things up rotated the tires side to side (Cris-cross) and front to back and said to drive it. I never heard of a rear-end going out of alignment but this thing did. Now I need to replaced two more tires sooner then expected. Have you heard of this issue before. Is it a Chevy Malibu common Problem? Do you think I should call Chevrolet customer service for assistance? Publisher Note: Recommended reading on wheel alignment problems.

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ex chevy dealer mechanic by: Anonymous As a former CCT (Chevrolet Certified Technician) I have not heard of any particular problems with the rear suspension systems of that generation Chevy Malibu. But the 2005 model does have a four-link rear suspension that includes built-in adjustments for camber and toe. The more adjustments available the more room for technician error. In some cases the calibration of the alignment equipment can mess things up as well.The rear camber adjustment can cause tire wear and can be adjusted way out of specifications by loosening the inner lower control arm bushing through bolts then adjusting the cam-bolt. If you do not re-tighten the control arm bolts this critical adjustment can move over every hard bump you hit. This can cause dog tracking as well as tire wear. To verify dog tracking you can have someone follow you down the road.Asking for the print out that shows the before and after actual measurements can also increase your chances of a quality service. All modern wheel alignment equipment includes an on-board computer that has the specifications for all kinds of cars built right in to the software. The print out will show both the actual readings and the specifications.