Comments for 2005 Honda Civic temp gauge and heater

Comments for 2005 Honda Civic temp gauge and heater

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Feb 20, 2012Ratingstarstarstarstar

2005 Honda Civic Blowning cool air from heater by: Anonymous My car has been the Honda dealership 7 times in the last 5 months. When driving the heater blows hot air but when at idle it blows cold air. I wish they could figure out what is going on. It happen about a week after it came out of the shop. I have an extended warranty and can not get any results. Temp senor 2 thermostats have been replaced, air has been bleed out of the system. Please someone come up with a fix.

Jan 22, 2011Ratingstarstarstarstar

answers lead to more questions by: Anonymous The best answer I seem to have read is from the 9/14 response. So now my question is this: If there are signs of hydrocarbons in the cooling system, how did they get in there? How do you fix it?

Dec 22, 2010Ratingstarstarstarstar

me too by: Anonymous our 2005 Honda civic also started to blow cold air when driving slow and hot air at highway speeds otherwise it runs fine. we took it to the Honda dealer in watertown ct and they said the head gasket is blown and it will cost $2400.00 to fix and it will burn oil after that. I’m not happy with our Honda and needless to say this is my last one of these money pits.

Dec 10, 2010Ratingstarstarstarstar

what next?? by: Anonymous I ended up taken the car to the Honda dealership. The results was a cracked gasket, cooling pipe, and a thermostat. Just to find that yesterday it started again. SO the thing has not been finalized after 429.00 dollars worth.

Dec 10, 2010Ratingstarstarstarstar

2005 Honda Civic EX by: Nippy in Boston Its 16 F out without the windchill and I have no heat! My 2005 Civix EX with 71 K started blowing cooler air at idle about two weeks ago. Now I only have heat when I’m moving. I have checked coolant level, radiator and heater fans work, no coolant in my oil. This summer I had a problem overheating and replaced the thermostat with an aftermarket one. I would think if this was the problem it would have happened long before now. Someone told me it could be a vacuum leak. Any help would be appreciated!

Nov 24, 2010Ratingstarstarstarstar

Honda Civic 2005 overheat by: t red I’m having a problem with the gauge going up. I have noticed that the when I stop at a light or sitting still with the heat on the car starts to creep up to the H – but, once I start driving it will drop back to where it should be. I took it to a shop and they could not find anything wrong with it. So, I started driving it again running errands for thanksgiving and noticed today that it continued to raise above the 1/2 mark and continued to go up. I once had to stop and let it cool off before I stared back to the house. I was told when I called Honda that it sounds like a fan belt is not working or that I do not have any antifreeze. Than another one said that is could be a relay switch that is not allowing the fans to come on or only when the air condition is running. It’s winter I don’t need the air I need heat. Help me someone. PLEASE who has any idea what’s going on.

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