2005 Ford f-150 Problems

by kean e. mcgill (phoenix AZ)

2005 Ford F-150 example

2005 Ford F-150 example

I bought my truck new from the dealership thinking that I would not have to worry about it breaking down for a long time. Well I was sadly mistaken. On thanksgiving weekend I was driving to a friends house out of town, when I noticed a ticking sound coming from the engine. I immediately took my truck to the dealership in the town I was in. The mechanic said it did not sound good, and that I should leave it there so he could find the problem. Well six days later he called to tell me that the engine was blown and I would need a new one. All he would tell Me was that something had destroyed 2 of the cylinders. The 2005 ford f-150 only had 85,000 miles on it, and had been serviced by the dealer as scheduled. Not to mention that I take very good care of my trucks. My previous truck had over 300,000 miles on it , and is still going. This ended up costing Me 7,000.00 dollars, and 3 weeks without My truck, plus car rental. I contacted ford motor co, and they said it was out of warranty. So I was SOL. I suspect it was the spark plugs. I will not be buying another ford.Kean: Thanks for taking the time to post here. I know how you feel about buying a new truck and expecting good service from it. I went through this myself with an 04 Blazer. I bought it to drive in Not work on but it had so many problems after 3 years I can’t list them anywhere (too long). BUT back to your 2005 ford f-150 problems!I worked for a fleet that had about a 100 of these trucks. There were several issues with the Triton v8 besides the hole spark-plug debacle. One that comes to mind was a recall for a Vacuum leak from the brake booster vacuum line. This Could cause the damaged you described (maybe it didn’t). The vacuum leak caused a lean condition (worse on the rear cylinders) that caused high combustion chamber temperatures that could eventually melt stuff inside. Finding out the “True” cause of the Failure should be within your rights as a customer. If the cause of the failure could be traced to a recall issue you where not notified of or a known problem in an Issued technical service bulletin then Ford Motor Company MIGHT be more willing to provide some assistance? If you do uncover the root cause of your 2005 ford f-150 engine problems please give us an update in the comment section below. This way others who visit the page can get some real world information about this issue.~Mark

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About ford technical bulletins by: Mechanic Mark Forgot to mention that you can go through the genuine ford factory service bulletins by getting a subscription to all Data or other service that uses factory issued information. Yes it does cost about 30 bucks for a 1 year subscription but it could be worth much more then that!