2004 f-150 5.4 L Triton Plugs

Ford Spark Plug Repair Kit

Ford Spark Plug Repair Kit

Just found today that it could cost $500 to $1500 give or take, to change the plugs in this 2004 F-150 5.4 L Triton truck. And the service manager told me if they break a plug that it will be another $91.00 per cylinder to remove the broken plugs, so it will cost me more for something that they have broken.The dealership never told me any of this when I bought the truck, of course. I strongly feel that this something Ford should have to eat. Their is no reason why it should cost this much to have the spark plugs changed in a vehicle. and I would say that their will be no more FORDS parked in the driveway. Answer: I feel your pain and agree with you. However, It did take Ford awhile to find out that this would be an issue on high mileage trucks. People have 2 choices to help with this spark plug issue. They can contact Ford for assistance with this documented problem. They might help with labor costs? Option 2 is Diy. They make a kit that helps get the broken plug out and chase the threads on the hole in the cylinder head.This is the tool and parts they use to fix the Ford spark plug problems

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Mechanic gets screwed by: Anonymous I’ve worked as a mechanic in repair shops now for a little over 22 years. I know there are some horror stories out there, this Triton 3 valve motor was probably the worse one I ever got burned on. I knew ahead of time what I was getting into trying to remove the spark plugs, but with the customers buy in proceeded with caution.. long story short 3 of the 8 spark plugs broke off in 2 heads. I was only able to properly extract 1 of the 3 with the “special tools” that cost me $250. I ended up having to remove both heads to clean out cylinders for fear of ceramic / porcelain bits causing damage in the motor. What started as a simple tune up / trying to resolve and ignition misfire took 4 days, and cost me thousands. How do you charge a customer for this? without getting complaints like this?

Apr 13, 2012Ratingstarstarstarstar

lemons f150 by: Anonymous I have 06 f150 had all kinds problems. Frame broke at front diff then it went out. Trans broke between trans and transfer case, had to change plugs p.c.m.

Mar 24, 2012Ratingstarstarstarstar

My 5.4L spark plugs by: Anonymous We purchased new aftermarket spark plugs (not the factory two-piece design) and my local repair shop replaced all eight plugs without any breakage at around 99k miles for around $144.00. The local garage was even kind enough to let me supply the spark plugs and I let them perform the work – no breakage and still came out cheaper than other shops – especially the dealerships.

Aug 14, 2011Ratingstarstarstarstar

ford tech responce by: Anonymous i work in a ford dealer and we due the tune up on those engines for 399.00 it includes an injector service and a remove carbon service. If the plugs break i have to remove them at no additional charge (if its one or all eight). I take the loss. the dealer does not pay me anymore for broken plugs. now fords engineering flaw costs me not the customer and the dealer comes out o.k because its a flat rate.