1999 grand marquis engine miss

by Jerry Padrick (florida)

1999 Grand Marquis Image

1999 Grand Marquis Image

My 1999 grand marquis must be haunted because no one can solve the engine missing and now I am broke after spending 1300 dollars I still have the misfire. Let me tell you what has been repaired already. Intake manifold, plugs, coils, 02 sensors, fuel filter, transmission serviced, cleaned mass airflow valve that another site said was the answer and charged me $15.00 and never followed up to see if it worked. Can anyone please help the local mechanics just can not fix My 1999 grand marquis engine missing? thanks in advance for the help!

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Jun 06, 2011Ratingstarstarstarstar

99 marquis by: Joe Glad you got it fixed i also have a 99 all was fine until i sprayed the motor now has a bad miss and converter on drivers side got red hot and a burn smell, i did pull a code and removed #5 coil and had oil all over boot with condensation and plug was also saturated with oil. Changing coil and plugs hope it fixes her and converter will be okay as i heard a little rattle. Never again will i spray any motor does any one know or think the converter will be okay ? or a place to get a universal cheap one, 2nd one on drivers side just after bend from manifold Thanks for any help.

Jul 13, 2010Ratingstarstarstarstar

GRAND MARQUIS MISSING by: Anonymous Thanks for the advice everyone it helped me to close in on the problem for the 1999 grand marquis. The problem was after the intake manifold repair there was a bad injector plug alignment and with a simple unplug and reinsertion all the missing was gone. Thanks to Scott in MI who only charged me $10.00.

Jul 12, 2010Ratingstarstarstarstar

Grand Marquis engine misfire by: Anonymous I can say that I have worked on many Crown Vics and Grand Marquis over the years. 2 hard to find misfire stories come to mind. I had one with a random misfire only when the engine was hot and highly interment. It turned out to be a hair line crack in the the drivers side rear coil. I know you mentioned having the coils replaced but did not know if it was all of them?The second one I remember being hard to find was a cracked vacuum line. It was causing a lean miss and was hard to pin down. In both of the above cases the check engine light would come on. You did mention any codes? The coil problem would set a random misfire code and the vacuum leak set an O2 lean code.