1996 Chevrolet Van G1500 stalls

by Paul (Red Bank, NJ, US)

NJ 1996 Chevrolet Van G1500 143k stalls while driving. Chevrolet van stalls frequently, but not reproducible consistently. Have had fuel pump replaced twice before, when checked OK, also wiring connections OK, replaced gas filter, new battery, new computer (reprogrammed following replacement)and mass air flow sensor.Typical occurrence is seems to stall when starting to re-accelerate after coasting. When car stalls can shift to neutral and re-start immediately. Often stalls 2-3 times again but then will begin running. Doesn’t seem to stall when accelerating.Possibilities in mind so far (1) faulty intermittent alternator (2) faulty electronic ignition module (3) carbon build-up. Any shoot-downs of these or thoughts about anything else?

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Chevy van stalling by: GM Mechanic Paul you did not mention the engine size and the list of possible causes with well over 100k miles would be huge. But if it has the 4.3L a common cause of engine stall when re-accelerating after coasting is a leaking CPI injector especially in 96. Un-metered Fuel can pool up inside the intake and kill the engine.Also common on the 96 Chevrolet van models would be ignition module problems due to a build up of corrosion inside the distributor. There was a technical service bulletin about the distributor vent clogging up and causing moisture and corrosion inside. This can cause an intermittent connection to the ignition module. If you pull off the distributor cap and see green around the module connector or heavy white corrosion this could be the problem. But again the possible causes of an engine stall on a high mileage vehicle is one giant list and will most likely need professional diagnosis.