05 Toyota Tundra Timing Belt

by Jane (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

05 Toyota Tundra timing belt kit

05 Toyota Tundra timing belt kit

05 Toyota Tundra $400 timing belt turned into $1200. I took my 05 Toyota Tundra into the Toyota dealer for the serpentine belt and timing belt to be changed out. It was recommended on my Tundra to be done at 100,000. I was at 151,000. I did regular oil changes and maintenance upkeep. I didn’t know all that could happen if the timing belt went out so as soon as I could afford it, I took it in. I thought I had a good estimate at $425. Most the local shops were more by over $200. I was told that while doing this (local shops plus the dealer informed me) that they may have to replace the water pump if it was leaking while doing the timing belt. I guess that is hidden in this area where the timing belt is. I dropped off my truck at 0830, I got a call from the dealer that not only did I need the water pump but my left and right cams were leaking oil. If I did not fix the oil leak, it could drip onto the timing belt and it could break. Well I was already trying to avoid that by having that fixed and I knew the cost of an engine if it went out. It would also cost twice the amount if I had it done later and they where in the spot to do it. Not easy to get at. So basically Here I am ; I either pay an ADDITIONAL $700 NOW or just have them do the job I paid them to do and risk they may damage something so it leaks down the road, OR have fixed what actually may be leaking. I don’t know if it is or not. I know enough that I don’t or haven’t had any water in my oil, I haven’t had any visible leaks, I’m not losing oil. I’m not losing water ? Where does water and oil go when leaking ? Wouldn’t I have signs. They only guarantee for a year. Total is at $1250 it’s 4PM. Still waiting. Yes, female.Note: A related story posted by a mechanic about timing belt kits that include the Toyota v6 water pump. This situation motivated me to write a story for the auto repair information blog about the importance of sourcing a timing belt kit. This applies to many Asian vehicles and especially for Toyota cars and trucks.

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Toyota fan by: Anonymous it is a good idea to do your water pump every time you do a timing belt, whether it is leaking or not. the added tension of a new timing belt on a worn water pump will make it go bad very quickly, then you are digging back in your timing cover to fix it. If it really is leaking oil, i would go and look for myself, but the problem there is that it could cause the belt to weaken, possible break or jump a tooth and mess up your valves. It is a judgment call. There are a lot of forums you can look at to see if the oil leak is common on those Toyota motors.

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Toyota timing belt parts by: Ex Toyota Mechanic I was a Toyota mechanic for about 10 years as in I worked in a dealership service department. This was about 5 years ago and I have since moved on but still do my share of side jobs in the driveway. As Mark mentioned the way to go when you are buying parts is to go with a timing belt kit that includes everything you need to do the job properly. The problem is that you have to get one of these aftermarket. At least when I worked for Toyota there was no kit (factory parts) and the parts where all separate. In the case of most dealership service departments it is required to use factory parts. This will drive up the price as the dealer still marks up these parts about 30% over cost. As Jane mentioned the seals had to be ordered and a rental was required so it would seam that this has not changed much. If you get an aftermarket kit the seals are included along with new belts, valve cover gasket, water pump etc….

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Response back to Tundra Timing by: Jane I appreciated the insight from the person who responded. My 05 Tundra has a V8 – no biggy ; just saying. I do also agree that they should have included it in the price. Worse now, the dealer had to order the seals and they have my truck another 2-3 days. Luckily, I’m a bit assertive and they gave me a loaner car at their expense. I appreciate the info though. I think it’s the few rotten apples that spoil the barrel when it comes to mechanical work. The dealer was still cheaper than the other estimates I had, however, I was pretty much forced to do the repair. I was already paying the $400 + for the timing belt, they wouldn’t guarantee that work if I didn’t do the recommended leak from the seal and water pump replacement because ‘they would have told me’ what it could do… damage what I was paying to have fixed. I guess better safe now than sorry down the road.

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Toyota timing belt problems by: Mark the Mechanic Jane I have seen this first hand when replacing the timing belt on Toyota v6 engines. The cam seals can seep oil and to a mechanic it makes sense to replace them while you are in the area. I would say that you didn’t see any signs of the leak because the leak was so tiny.The concern from the mechanics side is what happens if the cam seal leak gets worse and starts to drip on the new replacement belt. If this happened and the new timing belt failed the mechanic could be blamed for wrong doing. So as often is the case the mechanic recommends the repair to assure the longevity of it.As far as the water pump goes the dealer should have included this in the estimate instead of saying you might need one, as well as the other shops that provided estimates. If the original water pump had 151,000 miles on it then how could it not be replaced while doing the timing belt? This was most likely not included in the estimate to keep the price down to secure the job since money was an issue for you.In closing it would appear that the recommended repairs do co-inside with the mileage and what I have personally seen on Toyota V6 engines. But shame on the shops for not properly notifying you of what the very likely possibilities of the increased costs where before they took it apart. When I provide an estimate for an original equipment timing belt to be replaced on a Toyota v6 with over 100k miles I always include a timing belt kit for parts which includes the water pump, cam seals and a new tensioner.