Online Ford Repair Manual and Ford Recalls

The proper online Ford repair manual can help you get more time and miles out of your car or truck. My name is Mark and I’m a certified master technician with 30 years hands on experience.

Give me a chance to back this up with proof. Sidebar: At the bottom of this page are three Ford factory recalls that might interest Truck and SUV owners. I also found a place to plug in your VIN number and check for Ford recalls on your own.

Now my quick story on why I respect the mighty 7.3L Super Duty engine more than any other I have ever worked on. These engines are capable of hundreds of thousands of miles and will probably still be running when you take the deteriorated carcass to the junkyard.

This motor put Ford trucks at the top of the reliability list for years. To much information to process right now? Bookmark this page or share with a friend. Comeback to check for recall updates and ask questions.

Why do I Feel This Way About Ford Trucks

Let me tell you where my opinion comes from on this subject. I work for a large government fleet company. About six years ago they purchased 100 heavy-duty vans.

Fifty E-350 super duty vans and fifty 3500 series Chevy vans. The Chevy’s started to need engine replacements at around 125,000 miles even with regular fleet maintenance. The ford trucks have yet to require any major engine work.

Some of these Ford super duties have more than 360,000 miles on them and are still running strong on the original engine. Our fleet company purchased the All Data commercial version to assure the proper maintenance was being performed. The program provides complete diagnostic information for almost any repair you can think of.

My shop foreman use to say a good ladder diagram can make any technician a superstar. Included with this online ford repair manual are helpful pictures that point out component locations. You also get tech tips and ladder diagrams to guide you in many common repair operations.

One of the most convenient aspects is the specifications and wiring diagrams. You can get torque specs for almost any bolt on the automobile. Plus fluid capacities and maintenance intervals.

Complete high quality factory wiring diagrams are included. This information is available to the public for a yearly subscription with no auto renewals. Regular prices are $26.95 for a year or 5-years for $44.95.

The information in the commercial version is now on the web. This blows away static paper manuals! See the  and sample the diagnostic and repair information for yourself.

Diy with Online Ford Service Manuals

Ford F-650 truck with a Matte finish

I will provide yet another link to the repair manuals below but I wanted to finish the Super Duty vs Heavy Chevy story. Out of the 50 original 3500 series Chevrolet’s only 9 of them are left standing and they have all had 2 or 3 engines replaced in them.

When it comes to Ford trucks you can take advantage of the extended use and save money by keeping it longer. Prices are only going up from here with stricter EPA regulations in the pipeline.

The Ford trucks might be tough, but they all needed mechanical and electrical repairs. The older they got the more work was needed. I’ve seen some weird stuff like broken vacuum pumps and rusted freeze plugs that can be challenging issues to resolve.

The mighty super duty went through a lot of water pumps and alternators. We also had our share of electrical problems stemming from melted electrical connectors and wiring harnesses.

Once again this is where the ford factory repair manuals are so useful. Not only does Mitchell supply the wiring diagrams, but they are in picture format. They can be printed out and used right in the driveway.

But even more important then that, they provide TSB’s or technical service bulletins right from the Ford Motor Company. In essence this can tell you what is wrong with your vehicle just by the symptoms. This truly has to be seen to appreciate. I recommend giving it a try.

If you’re skeptical as one should be with internet recommendations test-drive it at the lowest price point. Even better look over the sample information before you do anything. They’re proud of their online program and want you to see it and use it.

Ford Recall and Updates

7.3L Super Duty Belt Diagram

Ford motor company is recalling 1.2 million large trucks with the 7.3 liter diesel engine. Ford states that the camshaft sensor can degrade over time and cause a stalling condition when the sensor fails.

Ford also stated they would replace these camshaft sensors at no charge on all 7.3 engines from the model year 1997 through 2003. See your local ford dealer for more details on this recall or check the recall section of the ford online repair manual recommended on this page!

Sidebar: I found this old school Ford only scanner that pulls codes on cars and trucks from 1982 to 1995. This next recall affects only the 2005 5.4-liter gas engine.

This popular engine can be found in most fords F150-F250 and also some SUV models. The recall is for sticking fuel injectors. The injectors can stick open or closed intermittently.

This can cause rough running, poor fuel economy and failed emission test results. Often when this happens the check engine light will come on and set a code for a random misfire.

Ford has extended the warranty of the fuel injectors to 10 years or 120,000 miles on the effected models. The official recall number is 08-S-05. This campaign addresses a problem with a deteriorating rubber elbow that supplies vacuum to the power brake booster.

It applies to the F series trucks with the 5.4 liter V8. I believe the years affected are 2005-2007, but check with a local dealer to see if yours is included. Original owners are notified by mail, but second owners should confirm with a dealership.

You can visit my main page about online auto repair manuals. I have posted a video that shows you what these programs look like plus I highlight some key features exclusive to this brand of repair manuals.

Shortly after putting this ford repair manual page up, All-Data did an extreme make over on their site. A few changes are highlighted in my most recent video about the online factory car repair manual.

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