Auto Repair Online for Fixing Cars at Home

Chevrolet 3500 Series Van

Auto repair is moving online and it brings us one step closer toward affordable access for regular people.

If you’re interested in fixing cars at home then review the new release of online repair manuals from Mitchel 1. This is a vehicle specific program for cars and light trucks with a DIY twist.

I added a screen capture video below so you can see it in action. After over 80 years of publishing for professional car mechanics Mitchell repair manuals has launched their version of online auto repair instructions for the do-it-yourself mechanic.

At the time of this writing there was no demo available for the program, but they do have sample pages from each section of the service manual.  I decided to purchase a subscription for my own vehicle and shoot a 4 minute screen capture video highlighting a few pages for my 2004 Chevrolet Blazer ZR2.

Mitchell manuals offers a few unique options that made this program very interesting to me. First of all, they have the lowest entry price point for online reference materials.

A month subscription allows access to any single year, make and model for around 17 bucks. This is a perfect opportunity for the DIY type person to go in and print out the step-by-step instructions needed for a single repair or multiple repairs for that matter.

Another nice feature is that you can let your subscription expire. Should you need access again let’s say six months down the road you can just log into your account and extend your subscription for another week, month, or 1 year.

You control costs as related to your needs for the repair diagrams or troubleshooting guides. If you like using the repair guides and plan on keeping this car for a while, Mitchel’s will allow complete flexibility as far as access to the information.

Keep in mind that the longer the subscription the better the value. It is for this reason I recommend the 1 year plan for people that intend on keeping their automobile in the family.

Download Car Repair Manuals

Cylinder Head Torque Pattern

The Mitchell repair manuals program is a web-based system. This means you can get all of the repair instructions and pictures from an easy to use point and click type interface.

It’s like browsing a giant website that’s only about your specific automobile. This is a good feature for all types of users, including someone who has a slow internet connection.

Keep in mind that you can’t download the entire auto repair guide, because it’s a subscription based product. With that said, you can however select multiple documents and print them out all at the same time. This lets you take the information right to the car or truck you’re working on.

This feature is demonstrated in the video below. One of the most common problems the do it yourself auto repair mechanic will run into is finding quality auto repair instructions that will help them repair the vehicle without wasting money on unneeded parts.

Mitchell troubleshooting manual includes diagnostic tree charts and online repair diagrams for just about any given problem. These diagnostic ladder diagrams have hot links to additional information. The short cuts provide information about specific diagnostic tests required to solve car problems.

Modern Car Service Manuals are Online Now

Timing Belt Diagram

This is one of the biggest advances to come down the pike for the people who like to do it themselves. Mitchell offers a lot more information than you will find in one of the small books that you can purchase at the local parts store.

In fact the Mitchell guide is a reprint of the factory service manual in an easy to use electronic format. Another feature of this online manual is that they connect you to factory technical service bulletins.

This can help by identifying and providing solutions to known problems for certain automobiles. You will not find these short cuts in any Chilton book or even a pricey Haynes guide.

When I first purchased my subscription to the Mitchell web based program I was having a little trouble understanding the layout. Then I noticed at the top right corner there was a help icon. This provided me with a quick lesson on how to use the program. I found this very valuable and I recommend it for new users.

Tightening Pattern for Cylinder Head

The Mitchell manual for cars is laid out like a standard service manual. I’m sure you’re familiar with these. Once I visualized the layout it was much easier to find the exact repair instructions I was seeking.

Another secret to making the best use of the material is to click on the Print tab (upper right corner), then check the “Entire Article” box, then click on “Print Version”.

This will merge the graphics with the appropriate text and produce a page that looks just like a factory automotive service manual. Here is my how to video for the Mitchell repair manuals program known as eAutoRepair. I think it’s helpful to see what it looks like before you buy it.

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