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You can get car and auto repair questions answered in many places around the Internet. Some are free services powered by a community of users. While others are of the paid variety where the network of experts are freelancers and looking to trade expertise for dollars.

I myself make the rounds to different automobile forums trying to help answer some automotive inquiries. Often people are looking for quick answers to very complex problems.

When people have car problems and they plan on fixing it themselves they often start things off with a search on the Internet for some free answers. There is nothing wrong with doing such a search.

Just be aware that a lot of times you get what you pay for. Or even worse, you can be sent in the wrong direction with some bad car repair advice.

Services like Yahoo answers and multiple online automotive forums provide a valuable service, but you must remember the people answering questions may not be qualified to do so.

If you post an auto repair questions to one of these services please take the time to investigate the answers that you received before you take action.

Car Repair Questions Answered

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As a full-time mechanic my time to help others on the Internet for free is very limited. I have also found that when I post on automotive forums or Yahoo answers that my response is posted a long with sometimes 10 or 15 others.

This is no good way to tell my researched and experienced answer from the ones posted by newbies.

Therefore, it's very hard for the person with the automotive question to pick the best answer to solve their car problems. I'm sure you have seen the ask a mechanic now question boxes on this website.

Ask an Auto Mechanic Now

We have partnered with JustAnswer so that you can get an answer ASAP.


This service is different from free automotive forums and car question website's. What makes the answer service special is that only tested professional mechanics will answer the questions.

When I first started putting the question boxes on my website, I contacted the at home car auto repair service, to inquire about answering questions myself using very limited spare time.

I was sent to a special page to fill out an application and take a car auto repair test. This test was extremely hard and required about an hour and a half to complete. I was not prepared for the challenge and also short on time, I rushed the test a little bit.

I still thought that I had done well enough to become a part of the just answer team. I mean I have passed a hundred ASE tests in my 27-year career as a certified master technician. Just to clear that last point up, I am required to re certify every five years in every single area that I am certified in.

The Hard Questions Answered

Professional car repair technician

It turns out that my application and test was graded by three already approved certified mechanics. They declined my application but gave me the opportunity for a retest.

This time, I cleared the way and spent about two hours taking the test and re-filling out the application. I was finally accepted to answer car repair questions for the just answer service. I only log in about once a week to answer a few questions.

I wanted you to know that if you decide to use this service that you will receive high quality answers quickly from other approved mechanics or myself. This is a far cry from having your automotive questions answered by a 13-year-old on one of those free car forums.

As an example if a question involves an electrical problem the answer will include circuit numbers colors of wires and tests required to solve the problem. It costs nothing to ask a car question and you don't have to pay anything to receive answers.

Services are basically on the honor system.If one of the auto mechanics helped you and solved the problem it is asked that you donate a minimal amount to that technician via pay-pal or other secure method.

They do a great job of matching trained professionals with people that have specific questions in their area of expertise. Give it a try there is really no risk to see what it's like!

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