Why buy a used rental car?

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See how to buy used rental cars cheep and get good transportation and fair pricing. It is an old wives tale that rental cars are beat to death and not maintained well.

I have had some dealings with turned in rental cars from the two largest rental car fleets. The land based car auction center I worked for received more then 50% of its total inventory from just these two suppliers. Plus my current transportation was traced back to a rental fleet.

When you are looking to buy a car this buy used rental car option should be seriously considered. These vehicles where checked out by my department and in almost every case the vehicles where maintained very well. The rental car agencies have strict guidelines on performing regular maintenance to their fleet.

There are good reasons for protecting each and every vehicle. They must take care of these cars to protect their capital investment for one. They also need solid maintenance records to protect themselves from lawsuits related to vehicle accidents.

Sometimes renters get into accidents and blame the car. The rental car company performs safety check inspections and documents maintenance to prove its vigilance in maintaining safe vehicle operation.

Where did your car come from?

If you are still worried get the purchase covered by an extended car warranty. As a side note your current vehicle may be an ex rental car. The cars that where sold at the auction I worked for where purchased by dealers all over the country.

Case in point: My dad recently bought a Dodge caravan from a Dodge dealer. The vehicle had low miles and was about 2 years old. The salesman seemed trustworthy and stated that it was his mothers car and she traded it in for the new and improved body style mini van that just came out.

I thought this story sounded reasonable but when I ran a free independent vin check on the dodge caravan guess what? It was a retired rental car. We used the lying salesmen story against the dealership and got an additional discount.

My dad is a snowbird and has already put close to 100k of trouble free miles on this van. You can Get a FREE VIN Check from AutoCheck®. If you buy used rental car from one of the major players like enterprise the vehicles are certified and inspected before delivery.

If you are looking to buy a car from enterprise you also get a 7-day money back guarantee. And a 109-point inspection report for your peace of mind. Enterprise certifies and inspects every used car it sells.

Including the proper operation of the engine and power train systems, a complete brake inspection and the condition of the seats and exterior finish. You can be confident that all their certified used cars have passed the 109-point safety inspection performed by an independently trained ASE-Certified mechanic.

Enterprise Car Sales also offers no-haggle pricing policy so you can avoid stressful and unpleasant negotiations and typical sales games. You'll be pleased with their professional sales people and low-pressure sales approach. Every vehicle they sell comes with their Perfect Used Car Package® to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Buy used rental car with confidence

Cadillac former rental car

I bought an 09 Cadillac SRX from a dealers used car lot. They said a little old lady traded it in. When I ran a vehicle history report it showed the original owner as Hurtz. Although I used this to bargain I did verify the vehicle wasn't previously involved in a major accident or natural disaster.

Enterprise provides this report on every vehicle they sell, at no additional cost to you. I have no affiliation or motivation to send you to enterprises web site. I am recommending it as a courtesy to my loyal web site visitors. The web site offers free articles and provides an in-depth look at one of the largest rental car fleets in the United States. They have also provided a complete list of exactly what their 109-point inspection covers and how and when this safety check is performed.

You can find out more about there buy used rental car program. Another advantage that happens when you buy used rental car (s) from any company is that you receive the balance of the factory warranty. You can also buy an extended car warranty that covers just the power train components or buy a full coverage warranty that covers all major components. This can add additional piece of mind and confidence in your buy rental car experience.

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Do you want an independent second opinion? Get the used rental car inspected by the professionals from Alliance Inspection Management, LLC.

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