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In my opinion the best way to avoid auto repair scams is to fix your own car. I have put together a page for driveway mechanics and automotive consumers that includes a how to do it yourself video and explains in detail all about online car repair diagrams.

My name is Mark and this page is about your right to know the truth about the auto service business. Keep in mind this information and the linked stories are just my jaded opinions.

I also share the funny auto mechanic video and stories pulled from my book about the getting a car repaired subject. I meant well when I wrote the guide to auto service. It was created to help protect consumers from common rip-offs and scams that happen in the car business.

There are honest shops out there! The online auto repair guide is now $0.00 and I hope it helps you find them. The reasons I wrote the book, samples and the download link are to follow. I get a lot of email saying they can't find the book. It's about 2 scrolls down! The link says "my guide to the auto repair business".

A contact box is below but it gets spammed hard. Just look further down you'll find it, and the book (PDF File) pops up in a new window. Or read the important stories from this page. I updated some of them for your reading pleasure.

First up is a quick overview of the root cause and the major malfunction of the business. The auto repair business is set up to maximize profits of the owner. They do this by motivating the auto mechanic using a variety of commission based pay plans. The most popular of these plans is explained here in this article about the auto shop flat rate system

This is a very funny video about what a customer and an auto mechanic might say to each other if they just had a dose of truth serum!

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Now its time to go into a trusted shop for regular maintenance. Even the best shops can get slow and desperate. This next tip will help you defend against the big list of recommended automotive repairs.

What happens when you take your vehicle into a dealership for factory recalls. My opinion is you should be on guard for the old car recall rip off.

Have you ever had to go back to the same shop several times for the repair of one problem? How about improving this with a little trick to getting the car fixed right the first time.

When you have to decide what to approve and what to decline on the big list the repair center has presented to you remember this article about over doing automotive maintenance.

Tires can be one the most expensive regular maintenance items on cars and trucks. See some things you do not need that are crammed into the average estimate on tires.

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I have a few more samples below. Remember I stated for the record I have worked with many honest mechanics. Most of my friends have some type of connection to the automobile. I have also worked with some real sharks. The book shows how to find the good shops.

13 Chapters and 68 pages of powerful information about the car repair industry from an insider prospective. 25 Years of real automotive repair shop observations and stories. The writing style presents you with the problems and then solutions. Followed by real world examples to tie everything together. Also don't miss the .Gov links that connect you to the best resources for registering complaints and reports of fraud. You to can streamline your car repair bills with my guide to the auto repair business.

P.S. I have included some online auto repair stories below! And the contact me form is at the bottom. This article is about one of my first interventions. Take a look at my first Car repair success story.

Sometimes people will know they are getting ripped but proceed with the repairs anyway. This story is proof that moving a vehicle can be worth the time. This has a happy ending. Review these auto shop stories.

You can learn more about this website and why I built it on the about us page. This next link takes you to more car questions answered.

I started in the this business at the ripe old age of 16 as a petroleum transfer engineer "gas pumper". We all had to start somewhere and this is a story about my first encounter with the automotive repair business.

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This is where you can post your requests for new sections and topics to be added to the website. I also added a section where visitors can post pictures and stories about their own cars. Top left button "Your Car Repair Story" Note about sending me a question: I get about a thousand spams a day.

It is getting hard to pick out the genuine questions. I do my best to respond to all real submitted car questions within 72 hours. But I can't guarantee that due to a fluctuating schedule. If your looking for a fast answer try the Just answer service above. Car mechanics usually respond in about 15 minutes or less.

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Access Factory diagnostic and repair information from a list of 34000 supported vehicles! Access the same information used by over 250000 repair professionals.

Include the year, model and mileage for the best responses. Or get the answer from an online repair diagram from the button on the right. The 1 month option is 13 bucks. The service is well done and surprisingly in-depth. Its the factory repair diagrams with an added level of help for driveway mechanics.

Note: Car questions submitted to me, like how do you replace a water pump on a Chevy Malibu will not be answered. You need to get an online car repair manual for that 27 step vehicle specific answer! I use a service manual for most repairs. The factory is smarter then me and it often saves time.

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