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Car Buying Tips for Automotive Consumers at

Review unique car buying tips and information from an industry insider. This page provides solid facts about buying automobiles for consumers.

Continue reading "Car Buying Tips for Automotive Consumers at" Takes a Look at the New Police Cars

See 3 new police cars from a mechanics point of view. View pictures and videos of the Dodge Charger, Challenger and Ford Taurus police interceptor.

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Auction Car Education Page Provided by

Retired auction car master mechanic shares insider stories from when he worked at these places. Learn what to expect from online car auctions.

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Throttle Position Sensor Diagnostic Tips at

Throttle position sensor testing help. How to test this often misdiagnosed car part. Get common replacement TPS sensors and test procedures.

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The Real Replacement Mileage For Cars on

Replacement mileage for the public and government fleets is increasing. Learn how long to keep a car by using fleet vehicles as a measurement.

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See the Automotive Technology in the Worlds Fastest Car

Is this automotive technology at its finest? Mechanic shows you why automotive magazines are calling the Bugatti Veyron the worlds fastest car.

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Learn about Electronic Fuel Injection on

The history of electronic fuel injection explained. See where TBI and multiport systems came from. Learn how injectors deliver gas on modern cars.

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1984 Pontiac Fiero TPS

I bought a 1984 Pontiac Fiero as a project car. My hope was that someday it would become a classic like the Corvair without having to worry about repairing

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2001 jeep grand cherokee overheated

My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee overheated an hour and a half into a 2 hr drive. We pulled over, added the green kind of coolant and started driving again.

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Get Diy Auto Repair Questions Answered on

Diy auto repair page has automotive repair articles and tips for driveway warriors. Mechanics are also available to answer car questions.

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Pontiac Fiero Fun and Fiero Recalls at

The Pontiac Fiero is a fun car to have. There are lots of upgrades available. Pontiac dealership technician tells his side of the Fiero story.

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Cheap Auto Scan Tool for Engine Light Nuisance Codes

See my auto scan tool and learn why every car owner should have one. Get some check engine light help and turn off the warning light for good.

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Bolt Torque Information for Diy Mechanics on

Proper bolt torque is critical for do it yourself auto repair success. Get everything needed to tighten all your bolts properly right here.

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How Car Computer Sensors Work at

See how to diagnose automotive computer sensors. This can prevent replacing good non returnable parts. Also learn how car computer sensors work.

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Reading Scan Tool Data for Car Repair on

See how reading scan tool data can help driveway mechanics solve check engine light problems. Learn why the data stream might hold the answers.

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