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Details about Detailing Cars for Money on

Detailing cars is one of the last business opportunities with low overhead and start up costs. Learn about the process from a car detailer.

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Troubleshooting Manuals and Wire Diagrams at

Find automotive troubleshooting manuals. Also see two golden rules that bring professional results when using them for DIY car repairs at home.

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Learn to Reduce Inflated Estimates on Tires at

If you get an estimate on tires they’ll cram a lot of stuff on the bill. Discover the hidden profit centers and things your car doesn’t need.

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Best Classic Trans Am of all Time on

Thinking about getting a classic Trans Am? Pontiac auto mechanic tells you what the best year is and what to look out for when buying a TA.

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Car Auction Problems Reviewed at

What if a crooked car auction mechanic teamed up with a used car dealer to buy rigged cars below auction prices? The inside story is here.

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Get Keyless Entry Remotes, Fobs and Program Instructions

See how keyless entry systems work. Find replacement keyless entry remotes. Many factory types include a do it yourself programming feature.

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See a Unique Used Car Business Model at

A used car business needs something special to set them apart. Employee details what worked and how it destroyed a successful used car business.

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Make Money Selling Cars for Sale at

See how a simple cars for sale ad turns into extra money. Car mechanic and used car inspection veteran shows you how make money selling cars.

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Auto Repair Online for Fixing Cars at Home at

See videos of auto repair online manuals. Learn how to find diagnostic charts for driveway repairs. See why repair shops now use online tools.

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About Disconnecting Check Engine Lights on

Is disconnecting check engine lights harder than the repair needed to turn it off? Mechanic explains how to find out what the problem is.

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Hear a used car buying veteran explain how to eliminate buyer’s remorse from your purchase. Learn details about buying certified used cars.

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Learn How to Troubleshoot Car Problems at

See troubleshooting car problems from a mechanics perspective. Learn professional automotive diagnostic procedures and how to use them at home.

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See How Auto Shop Billing Works at

Auto shop billing practices explained. Mechanic exposes a major problem with the calculation of auto repair bills and how to control costs.

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Buying Cars from Dealers the Smart Way on

See why buying used cars from new car dealers can be painful. Why do they offer below wholesale on trades and above retail price on their car?

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Basic Engine Diagnosis Test Procedures at

Start your engine diagnosis with 2 basic tests to determine internal engine condition. Mechanic explains steps that can save you diagnostic time.

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