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See Air Bag Light Common Causes on

Discover common reasons for airbag lights to come on. See symptoms of clock spring failure, plus how it works and why it turns on the SRS warning light.

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Automotive Scan Tool Reviews from

Mechanic provides automotive scan tool reviews and pictures of auto scanners he owns! Find reliable obd automobile scanners in your price range.

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See how to Reset Check Engine Lights Without a Scanner

The reset check engine light procedure that defeats the keep alive memory. See common problems with unhooking the battery on OBD II cars.

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See What Happens When A Car Lease Ends on

What to expect when a car lease ends. 3 things a lease company will look for when performing final inspections. Learn about lease contract penalties.

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Read Scary Auto Mechanic Stories on

Real auto mechanic stories give you insight into the auto repair business. Mechanic provides a warning for consumers about things he has seen.

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Get Ready for New Car Lease Turn in Day at

See what happens when a new car lease ends. Learn about chargeable damage and normal wear. Lease inspector tells you all about turn in day.

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2004 Ford 150 Spark Plugs

I got a big problem with my 2004 Ford 150. I took the truck into a dealership service shop to have it serviced for a 100,000 mile scheduled maintenance.

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2004 f-150 5.4 L Triton Plugs

Just found today that it could cost $500 to $1500 give or take, to change the plugs in this 2004 F-150 5.4 L Triton truck. And the service manager told

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How to Read a Car Lease Contract at Auto

Car lease contracts can be a scary document. Learn before you lease. Already have a lease vehicle and want out? Find out about it here.

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Car Buying and Getting More Car for Less at

New car buying should be fun. Gain comfort in knowing your buying at a fair price. Dealership insiders report on common car dealer rip-offs.

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Chevrolet Police Interceptor SUV Reviewed at

Are police interceptor sport utility vehicles a good replacement for the patrol car? See detailed video and pictures of the police package Tahoe.

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Tire Pressure Monitor System Problems on

Tire pressure monitor system information guide. How the systems work, common tire problems. Broken inflation sensors will turn on the warning light.

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How to Get a Car Fixed Right on the First Visit

Increase the chances of getting a car fixed right the first time. Most people and auto mechanics do not want to do this but it works great!

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Fast Hot Cars Reviewed at

Fast hot cars information, videos and pictures. See exotics in the 200 mph club. Car mechanics picks for used fuel efficient performance cars.

Continue reading "Fast Hot Cars Reviewed at" Provides Auto Air Conditioning Diagnosis Help

Diagnose auto air conditioning systems. Can you charge car air conditioning and seal small leaks yourself? DIY ac repair tools and procedures.

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