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The Best Classic Trans Am of all Time on

Thinking about getting a classic Trans Am? Pontiac auto mechanic tells you what the best year is and what to look out for when buying a TA.

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Auction Car Education Page Provided by

Mechanic that worked on auction cars tells insider stories from when he worked at these places. Learn what to expect from online car auctions.

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Master Automotive Wiring Diagrams and Electrical Symbols

Learn how to use automotive wiring diagrams to uncover complex car problems. Find professional electrical schematics for specific vehicles.

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Pontiac Fiero Fun and Fiero Recalls at

The Pontiac Fiero is a fun car to have. There are lots of upgrades available. Pontiac dealership technician tells his side of the Fiero story.

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Auto Service Mechanics Tell Stories on

Disgruntled auto service mechanics can cost you. Find unique true stories and learn how some mechanics think. See what motivates fair treatment.

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Auto Repair Question Box at

Common auto repair question answered. Get Advice for handling car problems at automobile shops. Get your car fixed right the first time.

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Yet Another Way to Save on Gas at

Learn to save on gas by changing driving behaviors. Tough times can force you to change the way you drive. How painful is this to accomplish?

Continue reading "Yet Another Way to Save on Gas at" Talks about Increasing Fuel Economy

Increasing fuel economy takes the fun out of driving but puts money in the wallet. Mechanic helps you decide if it is worth the trade off.

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Car Alarm Systems and Diy Install Guides on

Car alarm systems fall into two main categories either passive or active. See the differences between them and which alarm is right for you.

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Improve City Gas Mileage Numbers with Tips at

When will cars get the worst gas mileage? City driving with the air conditioning on equals poor fuel economy. See what you can do to improve it.

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Some Increase Fuel Economy Tips from

Tips that increase fuel economy supplied from a mechanic that has a long commute. Learn about the most overlooked simple ways to boost MPG.

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Sidestep Auto Repairs and Car Maintenance Overcharges

Automotive repairs and oil changes on a regular basis is unavoidable. Having a wallet drained by desperate auto shops is avoidable.

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Chevrolet Silverado Fuel Economy Improves -

Could fuel economy be the one thing that saves GM? See the new Chevrolet Silverado line of pickup trucks and some interesting fuel economy improvements.

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Buying Used Cars with No Remorse from

Buying used cars information and facts. Prepare before you buy a used car. This is where to start and finish. You can avoid the common buyers remorse.

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