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Get Diy Auto Repair Questions Answered by

Diy auto repair page has automotive repair articles and tips for driveway warriors. Mechanics are also available to answer car questions.

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What to do With a Dead Car Battery at

The dead car battery is one of the most common auto problems. See how long car batteries last and get tips on how to diagnose or replace a dead one.

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1984 Pontiac Fiero TPS

I bought a 1984 Pontiac Fiero as a project car. My hope was that someday it would become a classic like the Corvair without having to worry about repairing

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New Dodge Viper SRT10 Facts and Figures on

The Dodge Viper SRT10 is back and goes over 200mph for around $100k. Mechanic provides a video review and pictures of the Viper SRT10.

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Auto Industry News and Car Repair Bills on

Auto industry news and facts about auto repair billing disputes. Learn your rights as a car repair consumer. The repair order is your friend.

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Read About Alternative Fuel Vehicles at

Governments using alternative fuel vehicles to push the technology forward. See my opinion about alternate fuels and the possible future of it.

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Read Scary Auto Mechanic Stories on

Real auto mechanic stories give you insight into the auto repair business. Mechanic provides a warning for consumers about things he has seen.

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See the Automotive Technology in the Worlds Fastest Car

Is this automotive technology at its finest? Mechanic shows you why automotive magazines are calling the Bugatti Veyron the worlds fastest car.

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New Camaro Convertible vs 1978 RS at

New Camaro convertible reviews, pictures, specifications plus a story my wife insisted on writing due to her long standing love affair with her camaro rs.

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Pictures of the Olds 442 Video and History on

Learn some Olds 442 history and the meaning behind the numbers. See some cool video and pictures featuring this classic muscle car in action.

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The Camaro SS Report from

Learn why the new camaro ss will lead the retro style car market. Find pictures, video, price tags and details on five trim levels offered.

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See Common Factory Car Audio Problems at

Factory installed car audio problems discussed by ex dealership technician. Also Included is how to solve some common power antenna problems.

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The Benz SLR and Hot Cars Reviewed at

Hot cars reviews and pictures of the Mercedes SLR. Imagine a luxury car that could blow away a corvette with ease. The SLR McLaren Benz is fast and hot.

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Fast Efficient Used Cars: Top Picks from

Looking for a great used car? These Fast efficient cars are sure to please. See several hot fuel efficient American cars you can buy used.

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