Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter. I had a bunch of new sign-ups the last couple of days and I just wanted to notify everyone that the newsletter comes out on the last Sunday of the month (today). I try to keep it short because I value your time and you’re subscription.

I use the newsletter mostly to notify you about new pages posted on the Auto-Facts web site. There are more then 75 pages up on the site and growing fast. Some valuable pages can be hard to find.

Which leads me to the page of the month. The worlds fastest car. I have accidentally written my best article to date. You have to remember I’m a mechanic not a writer.

The article is about the worlds fastest car. After reading the available press on this fast car I was excited to write the article because it is the most amazing automotive technology I have ever seen.

I must have really knocked one out of the park because at a neighborhood gathering I heard my wife telling everybody about the specs on the worlds fastest car. So if I wrote something she remembered then it must be a great article.

The page has been up for a couple of weeks and it has been very popular with fast car fans.

If you have already seen this page, yesterday I added a google link at the bottom of the page for the free google earth program and other freebies courtesy of the mighty google.

I downloaded google earth because of the buzz on the Internet about the free software. It is amazing. Satellite pictures from space that you control. You can zoom in on any part of the world (very close-up). I zoomed in on my street to see what my neighbors where up to. And best of all its free!

Here’s a quick link to the worlds fastest car page and the free stuff is at the bottom. worlds fastest car page

If you have any questions or coments about this newsletter or the page of the month you can just hit the reply button and shoot me an e-mail.

Thanks for reading about the worlds fastest car and see you next month.