Toyota Prius Recall

A new Toyota recall on the very popular prius hybrid vehicle. The campaign number is ssc-60c. The letter from Toyota reads as follows. Certain 2004 through early 2006 model year prius vehicles, due to insufficient strength of the steering shaft assembly may experience looseness and rattling during certain operating conditions.

The steering shaft assembly may develop cracks under certain operating conditions, such as when the wheel has been turned forcefully to the locked position at low speed or if the front tires contact roadside curbs while driving.

The steering shaft assembly consists of the intermediate shaft and a sliding yoke, which connects the steering wheel to the steering gearbox. If this condition has occurred on your vehicle in the worst-case scenario, you may lose vehicle steering control, thus increasing the possibility of a crash.

The Toyota recall fix

Any Toyota dealer will replace the steering intermediate shaft at no charge to you, in addition, the dealer will inspect the sliding yoke and intermediate extension shaft and replace them as necessary.

I sum up this Toyota recall to basically say that the steering shaft is weak and may break thus, the driver will not be able to steer. This sounds like a recall worth pursuing. If you know anybody with a prius between 2004 and 2006 model year please let him or her know about this recall.

I am very familiar with the prius as our government fleet has about 15 of these vehicles. I am not very impressed with the overall construction of this vehicle. Everything seems light-duty and cheap. So overall I am not a big fan of the prius hybrid. The government fleet, I work for also has the Honda hybrid vehicle.

This hybrid electric car seems to be much better built and is experiencing better overall service and miles per gallon. I have posted a page on my website that talks about the Honda hybrid vehicle if you are interested in a full report on hybrid vehicles from honda

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Mark R Gittelman ASE Certified Master Mechanic