Taking Certification Tests

This month’s newsletter is a few days late due to the semiannual ASE test taking extravaganza. It seems that I am always due to recertify in some area.

After taking these tests for more than 20 years I am starting to ask the question, when can I stop taking them. Or at least reduce the number of certified areas to make the recertification process more manageable.

I wanted to vent on this subject on my blog. But after rewriting the short article several times (to stay out of trouble) I realized what I really want is public opinion on the tests themselves.

Do car owners know what ASE is? Do they notice or care about the blue and white signs that say we employ certified technicians?

With over 2,000 people on the auto-facts newsletter list I am hoping for a few kind folks to read the post and leave their thoughts and comments.

Also the wide variety of subscribers, that range from auto repair business insiders through regular every day motorists could make this an interesting discussion.

Notice: There is a recent picture of me up on this post, and yes I have gained weight and lost hair. Please restrict your comments to the subject at hand. Remember most mechanics do not look like Brad Pit. :)

Please visit the auto repair information blog when you have time and voice your opinion.

Thank you for reading this month's Auto-Facts newsletter and visiting the recommended page.

Next Month I will return to the regular format of the Newsletter and try to find some recalls and technical tips to discuss. Happy Thanksgiving day to the U.S. subscribers and Happy Holidays to all.

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Mark R Gittelman (ASE Certified Master Technician)