October Auto Facts

Sorry, I skipped last month's newsletter, and I hope you remember who I am. I had two major projects going on for the last couple of months that I would like to share with you. I had a poll up on the auto facts website asking what subject material Visitors would like more coverage on.

The overwhelming result was more information about do-it-yourself auto repair. I decided that this subject would be best served by a dedicated website. I purchased a domain and started building out the YouFixCars.com website. There are about 35 pages of information already posted for you to look through.

It will also give you a good idea of the direction the website will be taking in the months and hopefully years to come. You can click on this next link to visit the You Fix Cars Website

Electric car facts

The second project that I have started is the building of my own electric powered truck. I live in the southeast section of the United States. I have had a lot of time to think about this subject as I have been sitting in line waiting to get a few gallons of gas. You may have seen on the news that my area has had extreme shortages and very long lines for the precious liquid.

I have a post up on the you fix cars website that explains some details of the project I have just begun. You can visit this next link to get a free sample of the electric car conversion guide that I purchased as well. How to build an electric car

And last but not least I have not given up on the www.auto-facts.org website. In fact I have a great new article about engine diagnosis and two simple tests that will give you an indication of your engines over all health.

Thanks for reading this month's newsletter and visiting the recommended pages. I have already begun research for next month's newsletter, which will include more of the latest recalls and auto facts tips.

Please forward this newsletter to a friend or Car owner!

Mark R Gittelman ASE Certified Master Technician