Nissan Recall

This Nissan recall was just released in the first quarter of 2008. The campaign number is p7215. This affects all 2007 Nissan Titan and Nissan Armada trucks and sport utility vehicles. The recall is for the A/C condenser cooling fan running in reverse. This means that the fan is pushing air instead of pulling air.

This condition can cause a slight engine overheat and poor, air conditioning performance. This will be most noticeable at highway speeds, or even speeds over 35 miles per hour. What is interesting about this recall is that drivers may not realize that there is a problem. The truck will not completely overheat and the A/C will work. It will just not be as cold as it should be.

The correction as outlined in the Nissan recall is as follows. Nissan will replace the condenser cooling fan motor and the wiring harness that connects it to the vehicle's main wiring harness. It is believed if these repairs are ignored that eventually the condenser cooling fan motor will fail completely.

Nissan customer satisfaction

As I read through the recall procedure. I found an interesting section about customer satisfaction. It is necessary for the mechanic to disconnect the vehicle's battery when performing the repairs as outlined in the Nissan recall.

Nissan has instructed the mechanic to record the vehicle owners favorite radio stations and other presets entered into the vehicles audio system. When the mechanic reconnects the battery he is supposed to set the time and reinstall the customer's favorite presets.

New auto repair online video

Auto repair online is becoming more and more popular. There are several programs that will assist you in fixing your own vehicle. My two favorites are all data and Mitchell's new E. auto repair online website. I put together a new screen capture video that shows you some of the key features of the Mitchell's program. At less than $10, this is the least expensive online auto repair program available.

Fixing your own vehicle has many advantages. But can also lead to a lot of questions about how to proceed. These auto repair online programs allow you to complete repairs and regular maintenance on your own. Take a look at the video and see if this is something you can do. With the rising price for gas and an ever-worsening economy saving money by doing your own automotive repairs makes a lot of sense.

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