New Ford recall

This new ford recall is a fresh one just released. The recall involves all 2005 Ford trucks and suv’s with the 5.4-liter gas engine. This new ford recall is due to faulty fuel injectors that can either stick open or closed. This condition will illuminate the check engine light and can cause rough running and poor gas mileage.

If left untreated the imbalanced air fuel mixture can damage power train components. To Fords credit they have extended full warranty coverage on the fuel injectors for 11 years or 120,000 miles. It is reported that the older this fuel injector gets the more likely the condition is to surface. The 5.4-liter engine is the most common option installed in ford trucks and suv’s and millions of vehicles are affected. Tell your Ford friends about this new recall and make sure they get it taken care of before damage occurs to other components.

Poor gas mileage free tips

On the subject of poor gas mileage I had a few requests for my opinion on fuel economy. I have put together a few pages on the website that provide several free tips to achieve maximum fuel economy.

Now you most likely have heard of these before but these pages may get you back on track to maximizing your fuel economy. And you may just learn a new trick that can help increase your fuel economy by as much as 20 percent.

Please take a minute to review the free fuel saving tips I have posted for you at how to

increase fuel economy facts

More about gas mileage

As you may know I had purchased the water4gas system and I am currently building and testing my first system. I know it’s hard to believe its not a scam but the system is genuine and I respect the creators of the E-books. But the odd thing that happened is that the water4gas system came with the right to resell the system at the same price as your own. A ton of new sites now offer the same system.

One website has repackaged the system with some very cool bonuses that seem to make it a better buy then from the original water4gas website. This website discusses how long this idea has been around and how some of the original inventors where suspiciously found dead. The original blueprints to these inventors system are part of the bonuses offered. Basically I wish I waited a while and purchased the system from this place.

This website is worth looking at when you get time.

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