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Hello All: The first week of September I attended a weeklong training class in the latest automotive techknoledgy being forced on the automotive industry. I spent a week in Orlando Florida learning about the multi plex system. This system will be installed in all new cars and trucks in the very near future.

The multi-plex system in a nutshell is a series of modules that turn commands into functions. This will replace the relays and wiring in the cars of the future. Replacing hundreds of pounds of wiring and relays in every vehicle made will reduce weight, building costs and improve fuel economy plus reliability of each and every vehicle.

This system is already deployed in my employers new fleet of transit buses that are currently operating. This is why I was sent for the training class. It is amazing how sleek and simple the multi plex system is.

A brief explanation of how it works is in order. There is one command module and many slave modules to carry out the orders of the driver. Example the driver steps on the brake pedal, this notifies the command module to turn on the brake lights.

The command module then contacts the lighting module and says ok turn on the brake lights. This happens at blinding speed and is actually faster than the old way of a switch closing a relay and power sent down wiring to the brake light bulbs.

The command module communicates with the slave modules by enclosed cabling that is capable of high speed data transfer and someday when fiber optics are perfected the cables will be fiber optic.

Believe it or not this multi plex system will be easier to diagnose when a problem does happen because each module will have diagnostic lights to aid in finding failed components. I will be writing some articles on this interesting subject in the near future so stay tuned.

This months auto repair MVP

I have talked plenty about check engine lights and how to handle this common car problem. I thought it was time to address another dashboard warning light that is also high on the list of common car problems. The ABS light.

This page talks about the most likely causes and also why diagnosis is being made difficult by the automotive industry.

Common causes of ABS lights

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