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For my first issue I wanted to share the greatest free resource I have come accross on the internet.

The free area at how stuff works (automotive). The animated pictures and supporting text are truely amazing.

The start page for the FREE automotive section is located at the following address:

quick hyper link provided below.

The free articles section is also impressive. I have listed just a few of the available topics you can research at the above link.

How Air Bags Work, How Air-Powered Cars Will Work, How Anti-Lock Brakes Work, How Automatic Transmissions Work, How Automobile Ignition Systems Work, How Automobiles Work, How Biodiesel Works, How Brakes Work, How Camshafts Work, How can I measure the drag on a car?, How Car Computers Work, How Car Cooling Systems Work, How Car Engines Work, How Car Financing Works, How Car Insurance Works, How Car Steering Works, How Car Suspensions Work,

This free automotive training might be time consuming but it is not only interesting but can make you appear very knowledgeable to your auto repair shop or even turn you into a mechanic.

Thanks again for recieving this E-zine I enjoy sharing good information. See you next month. How automotive stuff works