Ford recalls update

Ford recalls update. Ford issued the largest single recall in its history recently. Often I point out recalls that may not affect that many people.

But with this recall the covered vehicles could reach near 16 million. This makes it likely you know someone that should be made aware of the fire hazard recall.

The recall is in reference to the cruise control brake switch. The vehicles to be recalled are 1995-2003 Windstar’s, 2000-2003 Excursion diesels, 1993-1997 and 1999-2003 F-Super Duty diesels, 1992-2003 Econolines, 1995-2002 Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers, 1995-1997 and 2001-2003 Rangers.

A faulty brake switch that turns off the cruise control when the brakes are applied can leak hydraulic fluid, overheat, smoke and then catch fire.

In my area the updated parts are in short supply. The local dealer is disconnecting the switch and ordering replacement parts on a first come first serve basis.

Remember if you are the second or third owner of one of these vehicles it may not be possible for the dealer to notify you. If in doubt stop by your ford dealer and let them run your vehicle identification number.

From Fords to fun

My recommended page of the month is an older page I just rebuilt. It's about my favorite police car of all time. Sory it’s not the 440 Dodge from the early seventies (that's my second favorite). I speak of the mighty 9c1 option package available on the 1995-96 Caprice LT1 police interceptor.

Not only have I worked on these vehicles but I have had the pleasure of driving these patrol cars for quality control purposes.

What’s new on the page is a video module with some great shots of regular people enjoying their 9c1's. The player has about 6 short videos all about retired police cars.

Thank you for reading this month's newsletter and visiting the recommended pages. I have already begun research for next month's newsletter, which will include more of the latest recalls and auto facts tips.

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Mark R Gittelman (ASE Certified Master Technician)