Common car problem

Will your check engine light come on? Well the quick answer is yes it probably will at some point. The check engine light monitoring system is very sensitive and the most common car problem since 1996.

The warning light will come on for minor and major problems as well as intermitent malfunctions so it is a good idea to find out why it’s on.

Why does the check engine light come on anyway?

The check engine light or service engine soon light was mandated by the federal government to help protect mother earth from pollution. So this quick story is very fitting on this Sunday being earth day.

My page of the month deals with the subject of resetting the check engine light and the options you have when the light does come on. On my 04 blazer the warning light came on due to a gas cap seal failure. This is a very common car problem on many other vehicles including foreign and domestic and yes even German cars like Benz and BMW.

I would hate to see people waste time and large amounts of money by taking in their vehicle to a dealer for such an easily repaired common car problem. So I am going to direct you to the first page of a 4 part series of one-page articles on this check engine light subject.

Feel free to read 1 page or all 4 and learn as much or as little about this common car problem as you would like. Or save this e-mail until your light pops on. Also please forward this quick newsletter to friends and family or anyone on your approved e-mail list that might find this information useful.

Diy auto repair page of the month

Reset check engine light a common car problem

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