Chevy truck recalls

This month's recall applies to 2007 model year Chevrolet Silverado's. The recall is due to a kinked front axle vent tube. This recall applies only to the 4 Wheel Drive Silverado. Even if you don't own this truck maybe you know somebody that does.

The recall is almost funny. During the assembly process the front axle vent tube is kinked on purpose, and then taped securely so that front axle fluid does not leak out from the vent while the truck is being assembled. When Chevrolet started building this new Silverado model. They forgot to assign someone to un tape and straightened the vent tube.

If this truck is driven in four-wheel drive with no venting, pressure can build up in the front axle and differential case and blow out the seals. The front axle only holds about 2 quarts of fluid. So if there is any fluid leak it will not be long before damage occurs to the front differential and front axle bearings.

The good news is the recall is not time-consuming. It will be a matter of 30 minutes with a set up appointment to remove the tape and straightened the vent tube plus inspect the front axle for fluid leaks.

Most valuable page

This month's MVP is a page I put together about the United States progress on using and developing alternative fueled vehicles. After researching the subject through some trade publications, I was actually surprised to find more progress than is publicized in the news. The progress seems almost silent at times.

This may be because our government does not want to scare the oil companies and the oil supplying countries by rubbing in their face that we are working on the problem.

This next link will take you to an update about this country's efforts and progress using alternative fuels on government fleet vehicles. Also take note at the bottom of this page! I purchased a product called water4gas and provide a full review.

Water for gas is all about hydrogen on demand homemade systems. I bought this product out of pure interest and have enjoyed it but I will provide a full review from the link at the bottom of the alternative fuels page. (Note: next 2 links open a new window)

Progress report on alternative fuels

New charitable link

I have put a link up to a website called towing for tots. If you have a junk car laying around and would like to get rid of it for free, and even benefit from a tax deduction take a look at this website.

They can have your unwanted vehicle removed and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your charitable donation to their worthy cause.

Towing for tots website

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